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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 813 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 813 Start

Hearing what Dongtao said, Elaine felt a lot of comfort immediately.

It turns out that ATMs are for ordinary people!

Hahaha, ordinary people, aren’t they just poor people?

This Dongtao is right. Like herself, a super rich who is about to have tens of billions of assets, how can her distinguished body stand in front of an ATM to operate that sh!t?

Thinking of this, Elaine stretched happily and said to Dongtao: “Yes, Dongtao, you have a future!”

“Where you award, you passed the award!” President Dongtao respectfully said: “If you want to handle the transfer business, I can do it for you personally.”

After speaking, he immediately sat opposite Elaine and turned on the computer dedicated to the VIP room.

After the computer was turned on, he asked Elaine: “Madam, which account and how much are you going to transfer to?”

Elaine took out a bank card of her own, handed it to him together with the black gold card, and opened her mouth: “From this premium card, transfer me 21.9 billion to this white ICBC card. in!”

Dongtao was so frightened that he almost urinated.

“Madam…Are you sure you want to transfer 21.9 billion?!”

Elaine nodded, and said impatiently: “Yes, what the h*ll, I have to do it quickly, have you heard it? Otherwise, I will smash your bank!”

Dongtao swallowed, and subconsciously took the premium card, put the chip up and inserted it into the card reader, and then said to Elaine: “Please enter your password.”

Elaine raised her hand and entered Charlie’s lunar birthday on the password keyboard.

The password is correct.

Later, Dongtao also saw the account balance, which was indeed more than 21.9 billion.

He was shocked in his heart.

Unexpectedly, a middle-aged woman who took out a black gold card would have more than 20 billion in it. What a woman!

However, he is just the president of a small branch in Aurous Hill, and his authority is not enough to check the identity of the owner of the black gold card, so he doesn’t know whose name the card is issued for.

But the black gold card is like this.

Most people cannot find out the true identity of the owner of the black gold card. As long as someone withdraws money from the black gold card, there is no need to ask how much to withdraw, because the privacy of the black gold card owner must be fully respected.

Moreover, the black gold card is never afraid of stealing it.

Because in this world, no matter how courageous a thief is, he will retract his hand in shock when he sees the black gold card.

Once someone steals the black gold card and steals the money in the card, with the strength of the black gold card owner, this person is absolutely lifeless to spend the money.

This is the same as if the credit card amount of a rich person is extremely high, but without a password.

For those who are rich, there is no need to set a password on a credit card. Whoever dares to steal it, the bank and the police are the first to let him go.

The black gold card of Charlie was sent to him by Stephen, and the password was set at the beginning. Because this card was rarely used, Charlie never changed the password.

When Stephen gave this card to Charlie, the password of the card was Charlie’s birthday in the lunar calendar, and Elaine guessed it by mistake.

Now, Elaine wants to take away all the money in this card.

Because Dongtao did not have the authority to check the identity of the card owner, he could not determine who Elaine was. Moreover, out of respect for the owner of the black gold card, he could only do business.

Thinking of this, he complimented: “Are you sure you want to transfer 21.9 billion to this ICBC card, right?”

Elaine said impatiently: “I’m sure, what are your ink marks? Hurry up!”

Dongtao was taken aback and nodded hurriedly and said, “Okay, I’ll help you handle it!”

Afterwards, he immediately entered Elaine’s account on the computer.

After confirming that it was correct, he clicked Confirm, and then said to Elaine: “Please enter your password again to confirm.”

Elaine can’t wait to enter the password.