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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 812 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 812 Start

Elaine’s style of work is tornadoes, wherever she goes, no penny must be left!

Afterwards, Elaine walked towards the bank lobby with excitement.

As soon as she walked in, an enthusiastic young woman said to her: “Hello, what kind of business is going on? I’ll help you get an account.”

Elaine shook the black gold card in her hand and couldn’t wait to say: “I want to make a transfer!”

When the young woman saw the black gold card in her hand, she was shocked!

All Citibank staff have undergone professional training before taking up their posts. In the training class, there is a section dedicated to explaining the black gold card!

This black gold card is the highest standard of Citibank. It is limited to one hundred issued in the world, and only five in China!

Everyone holding a black gold card is a super VIP guest of Citibank, no matter it is any executive of Citibank, he will serve him respectfully when he sees it!

She never expected that the legendary Black Gold Card would appear in the second-tier city of Aurous Hill!

So she hurriedly stepped forward, bowed very respectfully ninety degrees, and blurted out: “Dear distinguished guest, please follow me to the VIP reception room! I will ask our president to come over and handle the business for you personally!”

When Elaine heard that she was a distinguished guest, she immediately felt the strong pleasure of pretending to be successful from her scalp to her toes, so she immediately urged and laughed: “Hurry up and take me over! Neglect me, be careful I let Your president fire you!”

The other party panicked and said hurriedly: “Please don’t be angry, please follow me!”

The young woman invited Elaine to the VIP room, and immediately asked the service staff in the VIP room to pour water for Elaine, and then ran to the president’s office quickly, and hurriedly pushed the door in without knocking on the door, and said, “President , President! Here is a VIP client!”

The bank president frowned, very dissatisfied with the staff’s act of pushing the door without knocking, and shouted coldly: “What does the fuss look like? If people see it, they think how rough our bank staff are!”

The young woman said breathlessly: “President, the VIPs with black gold cards is here to handle business!”

The president suddenly sat up from the chair, his eyes widened, his breathing was short, and he blurted out and asked, “What? Say it again!”

The young woman said, “The Black Gold VIP guest is here! She is in the VIP room! Come and take a look!”

“My God!” The governor felt a whirlwind feeling: “The VIP of the Black Gold Card? Are you sure it is the Black Gold Card? Only five of the gadgets have been issued nationwide, and I have never seen the real thing!”

“I’m sure!” the young woman said confidently: “We talked about the black gold card during our training. I will definitely not read it wrong!”

The manager hurriedly straightened his collar and quickly got up and ran out.

Black gold card VIP, that is the VIP of VIPs, the super VIP of VIP, who has this card, who is not a super rich person worth hundreds of billions?

It is said that the five cards issued nationwide are all given to top families, one each for the three top families of Eastcliff and the two top families of Zhonghai, and there is no more!

Don’t know which family member came with the black gold card today? Wade family, Su family, or Zhonghai Xue family? Or the other two families? !

The president rushed to the VIP room, opened the door respectfully, and saw Elaine sitting on the sofa.

At this time, Elaine had the illusion of the Empress, arrogantly tilting her legs.

At the thought of immediately becoming a super rich with 21.9 billion in cash, Elaine was so excited that she almost became incontinent.

The president could not see the depth of Elaine, but he also recognized the black gold card in her hand, so he hurriedly stepped forward, bowed and said, “Hello, honorable black gold card guest, I am the president of the bank. Li Dongtao, you just call me Dongtao.”

Elaine gave an arrogant hum, and said contemptuously: “Oh, Dongtao, you just came here, I want to transfer money, but you sh!t ATMs say I can only transfer one million a day, it’s not the f*ck What about bullshit? I have more than 20 billion in Kali, and can only transfer 1 million a day. Can I transfer it till death?”

Dongtao hurriedly apologized and said, “Dear distinguished guest, I’m really sorry. This ATM is for ordinary people to put it bluntly. Think about it, it’s just a boxy machine with limited capacity. If you put it to death, you can’t put a lot of money. How can it match your status as a VIP of the Black Gold Card?”

As he said, he hurriedly complimented: “A super VIP like you, to any Citibank, as long as you show the black gold card, it is the top VIP treatment. The president personally entertains you, how can we stand your noble body? Operate in front of the ATM!”