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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 811 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 811 Start

Elaine observed at the numbers on the cash machine screen, shocked.

At this moment, she felt that the whole world had collapsed.

She was shocked and she didn’t understand why Charlie had a deposit of more than 20 billion!

“How is this possible? Twenty billion! I am crazy or Charlie is crazy! Where did he get so much money?”

Elaine’s hands are shaking, 20 billion! Not two hundred, not two million!

She had never dreamed of so much money in her life!

Where did Charlie get so much money? Could it be that he fooled Bill Gates?

At this moment, Elaine’s first thought was to call Charlie and ask what was going on.

But the next moment, she suddenly realized that it was impossible!

Isn’t it exposed when you call?

Before Charlie knew it, she had to get as much of his money as possible and get it into his card!

Thinking of this, she immediately clicked on the transfer function and entered her bank account number. Then, when she entered the transfer amount, she hesitated slightly.

After a while, she looked excited, and entered 21,900,000,000 in the amount column!

A total of 21.9 billion, Elaine plans to credit all of it to his account.

She didn’t bother to worry about how Charlie got the money.

But the money was seen by her, it was all her own!

Fighting with the Lady Willson and Jacob for a lifetime, isn’t it just for a little money to provide for the elderly?

After the previous two million was gone, she fully understood how painful it was to lose money.

So, now, seeing the money, she has only a strong possessive desire in her heart.

With all this money, what can she worry about in life?

The life that she had never dreamed of before seems to have begun to wave to her.

So, she immediately pressed the confirmation button with emotion.

21.9 billion!

It’s all mine!

I, Elaine, have a chance to become a billionaire!

At this moment of ecstasy in her heart, a prompt popped up on the screen: “Automated teller machine transfers. The maximum transfer amount in a single day is 1 million, and the maximum cash withdrawal amount in a single day is 100,000. If you need a higher amount of financial Service, please go to the counter with your card!”

“Oh sh!t!”

Elaine scolded: “The single-day limit is only 1 million, which is enough to do an egg? You can transfer 365 million away without falling a day! Wouldn’t it be better to transfer 21.9 billion away by this method? Won’t it take decades!”

Thinking of this, Elaine immediately chose to withdraw the card, and then went into the bank with the card!

No, today, no matter what, all the money must be transferred away! So as not to have many dreams at night!