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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 810 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 810 Start

After that, she immediately entered the wedding anniversary of Charlie and Claire.

The prompt on the screen: “Hello, distinguished VIP member of Citibank, the password you entered is wrong, you can try again today.”

“d*mn!” Elaine cursed and muttered to herself: “Isn’t it right? It’s just a chance…”

When her heart was extremely anxious, she suddenly thought, could the password be Charlie’s own birthday?

She couldn’t wait to try it, but she suddenly realized that she didn’t know when Charlie’s birthday was.

So she had to pick up the phone and call her daughter Claire.

As soon as the phone was connected, she hurriedly asked: “Claire, when is Charlie’s birthday?”

Claire asked curiously: “Mom, why are you asking this?”

Claire knew that her mother had never looked down upon Charlie, so she didn’t quite understand why she asked her for Charlie’s birthday.

Elaine hurriedly said: “Oh, I don’t think that Charlie has made a lot of hard work to get a villa for our family, so I want to find a chance to reward him, give him a birthday gift or something.”

Claire said: “Charlie’s birthday is the second month of the second lunar month.”

Elaine frowned and said, “February 2? The dragon raised his head?”

Claire said, “Yes, it was the day the dragon raised his head.”

Elaine hurriedly asked, “What day is the solar calendar?”

“March 13th.”

“Okay, I see.”

After Elaine finished speaking, she hung up the phone impatiently, and then she began to fall into thought.

She knows in which year Charlie was born, but now she is not sure whether to use 0202 in the lunar calendar or 0313 in the solar calendar.

Now there is another chance to try the password. If she make a mistake, she may just swallow the card.

Therefore, she must do a multiple choice question.

After thinking about it, Elaine feels that Charlie’s birthday on the lunar calendar is February and the second dragon’s head is raised. This is a more meaningful day, and it is also the dragon’s head festival in the lunar calendar. In contrast, the solar birthday on March 13 looks somewhat different Unremarkable.

Therefore, she felt that if Charlie used his birthday as the password, he probably also used the lunar calendar.

So she confided her heart and directly entered Charlie’s birthday on the lunar calendar into the password area.

Immediately afterwards, a prompt that excited her popped up on the screen: “Hello, distinguished VIP member of Citibank, your password has been verified successfully, please select a specific service.”

Elaine didn’t expect that she had made a mistake, and she was really wrong, and she was overjoyed.

She immediately clicked the option to check the balance, wanting to see how much money Charlie had in his bank card.

After a while, the screen immediately showed a large number of numbers that were so long that Elaine was dizzy.

“Yeah, she can’t think that Charlie’s waste money is really a lot. Let me count how many times I can make faces.”

Elaine murmured subconsciously, and then carefully counted, the soul was completely scared.

“One, ten, one hundred, one thousand, ten thousand, one hundred thousand, one million, ten million!!!”



“Ten billion!!!”

Elaine slammed her heart tightly, and did not faint when holding on, and exclaimed in a flustered mouth: “What the h*ll is this, this waste card has 211.9 billion?!?!”