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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 81 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 81 Start

Liangyun was shocked!

He never dreamed that this egg-repaired bottle would become a more precious treasure!

So he hurriedly pointed at Charlie: “Miss, this gentleman repaired it.”

Warnia glanced at Charlie, wondering in her heart that he was too young to have such a lost cultural relic restoration technique?

With a faint smile, Warnia asked politely: “I am Warnia from the Song family. Dare to ask which cultural relic master you studied?”

Jacob, the horrified old father-in-law, heard Warnia’s name and was immediately speechless!

Song family!

The Song family is the top family in Aurous Hill! Although the strength is not comparable to those of Eastcliff’s superfamilies, in Aurous Hill, it is really a giant that no one can match!

He really didn’t expect that he could meet the Song family’s eldest here!

Here, Charlie doesn’t feel much about Warnia’s identity. Although the Song family is very powerful, it is still a family of hundreds of billions of assets. Compared with the Wade family’s trillions of assets, that’s a difference of 100,000. Eight thousand miles.

So he said faintly: “My name is Charlie, but I don’t have any masters or expertise.”

Immediately afterward, Charlie said again: “My father-in-law broke your jade pot spring bottle. I repaired it. Please also appraise the specific value to see if we still need to pay compensation.”

Warnia shook her head and smiled: “After you have repaired it, this bottle has far exceeded its original value. Logically speaking, it should be our Jiqingtang who owes you now.”

Charlie smiled faintly: “You don’t need to be so polite, since this side has been processed, then my father-in-law and I should leave.”

Warnia’s big eyes turned slightly, and she smiled and said, “Sir, I don’t know what your surname is and how you are called? Can you leave contact information for future communication?”

With that, Warnia took out her business card, handed it over, and said, “Sir, this is my business card. Please accept it.”

Charlie nodded, accepted the business card, and said lightly: “My name is Charlie Wade, but I don’t have a business card.”

“It doesn’t matter.” Warnia said: “Is it convenient for Mr. Charlie to leave the phone number?”

Charlie felt that it was not a bad thing to know more people, and this Warnia looked very polite and humble, not like an arrogant and domineering person, and looked pleasing to the eye.

So he exchanged mobile phone numbers with Warnia.

Warnia then said, “Mr. Charlie, do you want me to send a car to take you two back?”

Charlie waved his hand and said, “No, we came by car.”

Warnia nodded and said: “That’s I must see you off!”

Afterward, Warnia sent the two to the BMW 530, watched Charlie drive away, and walked slowly back to Jiqingtang.

Charlie drove back, and the Old Master couldn’t help asking him: “Charlie, who did you learn the craft of cultural relics from?”

Naturally, Charlie couldn’t say that he found a magical Nine Profound Heavenly Secrets in the bottle he broke. After all, this book is so magical. There are so much content in it that he still needs to digest slowly. Things cannot be told to anyone.

So he said casually: “Learned from a sweeping uncle in the orphanage.”

The Old Master nodded and sighed: “It’s really fortunate. If you didn’t have this ability, I’m afraid I would have to go to jail.”

After that, the Old Master hurriedly asked: “That’s right! You must not tell your mother about this matter, you know?”