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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 809 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 809 Start

Aunt Lena on the other end of the phone sighed: “It was aunt’s duty to save you at the beginning, but you did not have this obligation to help aunt with so much medical expenses. What’s more, what was your life in Willson’s family? Aunt knew well. ……”

After speaking, Aunt Lena said again: “Charlie, don’t worry, Auntie will find a way to return this money to you.”

Charlie was moved when he heard this, Aunt Lena really thought about him everywhere, treating him as a son.

So he said seriously: “Aunt Lena, you don’t have to worry about money, and you don’t have to think about paying me back.”

Aunt Lena quickly said, “How can this work? You spent so much money on your aunt’s behalf. Auntie must find a way to pay you back!”

Charlie refused again: “I always remember your kindness to me. No matter how much money is spent on treating your illness, it should be done. If you raise money again, you will treat me as an outsider. , I will never see you again!”

Aunt Lena felt very moved when she heard this, but she was also very clear that no matter what Charlie said, she must find a way to return the money to him.

But she can only change her mouth and say: “You are sensible now, and the Aunt Lena listens to you.”

With that, Aunt Lena asked again: “By the way, Charlie, how are you and Claire?”

She remembered that the relationship between Charlie and Claire had always been delicate, so she was very concerned about it.

Although she knew that Charlie was only married for some special reasons, and it seemed that his relationship with Claire was not very stable, but she always felt that this pair of young people was indeed a good match.

Therefore, she wholeheartedly hoped that Charlie and Claire could truly have love, and then give birth to a fat boy and grow old together.

Charlie heard Aunt Lena’s question and hurriedly said with a smile: “Aunt Lena, Claire and I are in a stable relationship now. When you come back, I will bring Claire to pick you up.”

Aunt Lena breathed a sigh of relief and smiled: “Oh, then you have to hurry up and let Claire become pregnant. You two are not too young anymore. It’s time to have a baby. Listening to Auntie’s advice, the young couple has a baby. After that, the relationship will be more stable!”

Charlie sighed, he hasn’t gotten into Claire’s bed until now. It’s a little bit early to want children now, right?

But he can’t say this to Aunt Lena, so he smiled and said: “I know Aunt Lena, don’t worry, we will consider it carefully.”

Aunt Lena smiled and said, “That’s good, that’s good! Auntie won’t tell you anymore. The nurse urged me to hang up and said that I can’t talk too much.”

Charlie hurriedly said, “You must tell me when you return to Aurous Hill!”

“Ok, rest assured! Goodbye!”

After speaking, he hung up.


At the same time, Elaine rushed to the nearby Citibank.

She took the black gold card and went directly to the bank’s ATM.

She felt that Charlie wouldn’t have too much money in the card, and she didn’t have to toss at the counter, just operate it directly at the ATM and transfer the money to her card.

So, she inserted the black gold card, and the interface immediately popped up: “Hello, honorable Citibank VIP member, it is a great honor to serve you, please enter your black gold card password.”

Elaine curled her lips: “What kind of sh!t, you are still a supreme VIP member, pretending to be forced. When the Lady Willson had two million in her card, she was also a wealth management VIP customer at ICBC!”

With that, she was going to try the password of this card.

Because of the experience of successfully trying out the password of Jacob’s mobile phone, Elaine felt that this time was also determined to win.

She thought about it carefully, and thought to herself: Charlie, this Rubbish, is really affectionate to her daughter, maybe the bank card password is her daughter’s birthday.

So she directly entered Claire’s birthday.

Then, the screen prompts directly: “Hello, distinguished VIP member of Citibank, the password you entered is wrong, you can try 2 more times today.”

“wrong password?”

Elaine was stunned for a moment, and then yelled: “Oh, Charlie, you say you love my daughter all day long, but the bank card password is not my daughter’s birthday! Look at Jacob’s dead ghost, the phone password can be set to two The birthday of an old lover from more than ten years ago!”

Thinking of this, she frowned again and thought to herself, could it be their wedding anniversary?