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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 808 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 808 Start

So, she went to the second floor non-stop, trying to open the rooms of Charlie and Claire.

When she opened, she found that the door was not locked, and she was immediately happy!

When she entered, she began to dump the cabinets.

However, Charlie and Claire just moved here today, and they have not been carefully placed in the cabinet, and there is nothing valuable.

Elaine searched for a long time, but couldn’t find Charlie’s wallet and bank card. When she was upset, she suddenly saw Charlie’s coat hanging in the closet, so she hurried forward, rummaged in his pocket, and found out one. Black gold bank card.

The bank card was written in English. Elaine was a student b@stard when she was in college. After so many years, English is all gone.

So, after watching for a long time, she only saw that this card was from Citibank, but she didn’t understand what the card came from.

However, looking carefully at this card, the workmanship is exquisite, and it seems to be extraordinary.

She was overjoyed, and immediately took the black gold card into her arms, thinking to herself, Charlie, Charlie, if you don’t give the old woman money, won’t the old woman take it by herself?

Also, if you kid behave better just now, I may still leave you a few hundreds in the card.

But your attitude toward me was so bad just now, and you used Jacob to suppress me, then you really offended the wrong person!

Just wait for me, as long as I try out your password, if I can leave you a penny in your bank card, change my name!

Thinking of this, Elaine, with excitement, quietly left the villa and rushed to the nearest Citibank.


Charlie, who was tidying up in the kitchen, had no idea that Elaine would steal his bank card.

As soon as he cleaned the bowls, the phone rang suddenly.

He picked up his mobile phone and saw that the contact showed the words “Aunt Lena”, and he was immediately happy.

When Charlie was eight years old, both his parents died. If it weren’t for Aunt Lena from the orphanage, he would have starved to death on the street.

Therefore, Charlie has always been grateful to Aunt Lena and never dared to forget this kind of grace.

That’s why Charlie was cheeky looking for the Lady Willson to borrow money at the birthday banquet of the Old Mrs. Willson, and give Aunt Lena a kidney transplant.

Later, Stephen appeared and Aunt Lena was also transferred to Fairview in Eastcliff for the best treatment.

During this period of time, Charlie only knew that her surgery was going well, and Stephen had also arranged the best recovery treatment for her, but Charlie himself had not actively contacted Aunt Lena. This was mainly because she didn’t want to disturb her. I hope she Concentrate on raising your body in Eastcliff.

Pressing the answer button, Charlie hurriedly said: “Aunt Lena!”

Aunt Lena’s kind voice came over the phone: “It’s me, your Aunt Lena, how are you doing recently?”

Charlie said excitedly: “I’m pretty good Aunt Lena, how is your health?”

Aunt Lena smiled and said: “I am recovering very well now, and the rejection reaction is not very strong. The doctor said that I will almost meet the discharge standards and will be able to return to Aurous Hill in a few days.”

Charlie was overjoyed: “That’s great. When Auntie, you come back, I will pick you up.”

Aunt Lena hurriedly said: “Charlie, don’t spend money. If the nurse accidentally said that you missed the mouth just now, I didn’t know that you paid the millions of treatment fees before and after the operation, and the aunt didn’t know. How can I thank you…”

With that, Aunt Lena on the other end of the phone couldn’t help sobbing.

Charlie felt sour and hurriedly said, “Aunt Lena, don’t cry, this is what I should do. You forgot that when I was eight years old, I wandered on the street for three days and three nights, hungry and skinny. It was not you who brought me back to the orphanage? I might have died on the street long ago…”