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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 807 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 807 Start

Elaine felt that as long as she talked to Charlie, Charlie would definitely not dare to disobey her.

As long as he puts the money into her card, she can invite her good sisters to eat together. After the meal, the sisters arrange a show. This is the life of the upper class.

Charlie immediately shook his head when he heard that she wanted money, “Mom, I can’t give you this money.”

Elaine frowned, and blurted out: “Why?”

Charlie said indifferently: “Now dad is in charge of the money at home. If you use money, you have to make dad nod.”

“What are you talking about?!” Elaine said coldly: “I can’t speak well now, am I?”

Charlie nodded and said, “For money issues, dad must nod.”

Elaine said annoyedly: “You don’t take Jacob out to press me, I tell you, I am your mother, if I ask you for money, you have to give it to me!”

Charlie smiled and said, “I can give it. As long as Dad nods, it’s okay to give it to you.”

“You…” Elaine was so angry that she pointed at Charlie and asked, “Do you have to go against me?”

Charlie asked in return: “Mom, dad will take care of the money in the future. You said this by yourself, not me. Am I not also implementing your decision?”

Elaine gritted her teeth and said: “Don’t talk so much nonsense, quickly give me the money, have you heard?”

Charlie stretched out his hand and said apologetically, “Sorry mom, if Dad doesn’t nod the money, even if you kill me, I won’t give it.”

After speaking, Charlie didn’t bother to talk to her anymore, and walked back to the villa.

Looking at Charlie’s back, Elaine was so angry that her lungs were about to explode!

She wanted to find Jacob and ask Jacob to say hello to Charlie, but after another thought, she gave up the idea because she knew that Jacob would definitely not agree.

This old guy is better than Charlie now. Not only does he refuse to listen to her words and follow her, he even asks her to get on the board, and he wants to separate with her. At this time, she is asking him instead of taking it for herself. Shame?

Elaine was so angry and bored in her heart, she didn’t know what to do for a while.

In the WeChat group, the old sisters are still waiting for her reply. She is embarrassed, and she is not willing to give up all entertainment plans like this.

At this time, Charlie was cleaning up in the kitchen, and Jacob was enjoying tea and reading the newspaper on the set of Classical sofa left by his father.

At this moment, Elaine’s mind suddenly flashed a light.

Charlie, this guy, usually cheats and deceives those rich people under the guise of Feng Shui, and he can fool them to two million at a time. Does the ghost know if he has other private money?

Maybe the last time he watched Feng Shui, he actually made three million?

When she thought of this, she immediately remembered Charlie’s purchase of two BMWs.

At that time, even the money to buy two BMWs was the private money that Charlie saved!

Two cars, nearly a million!

In other words, Charlie does have the habit of hiding private money, and he has a lot of private money!

If she can find his bank card and try his password again, wouldn’t she be able to get all his private money?

Don’t ask this guy to have a million, even if there is one hundred thousand, it is enough to spend some time with her sisters!

Thinking of this, Elaine’s face immediately showed an inevitable smile, and immediately decided to steal!