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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 801 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 801 Start

At this moment, Tomson Villa.

Elaine was lying on the deck chair on the second-floor all-glass balcony, watching her phone close from ear to ear.

More than 300 people have liked her, breaking her record since installing WeChat.

As for the comments, I can’t count them one after a while, or even return them.

Elaine finally felt it today, what is called attention.

People in the entire circle of friends are looking at hers, and they don’t hesitate to praise her in the comment area, and she is relaxed and happy.

At this time, Elaine’s sisters who played better, sent a message from everyone in the group: “Oh, Sister Elaine moved to the Tomson first-class mansion today, and she has to entertain her for dinner!”

“That’s it!” Many people echoed: “Sister Elaine, you are moving to a big house that sells for more than 100 million. It’s such a big happy event, it’s impossible not to invite us to dinner!”

After a while, all the people in the group came out and lined up for Elaine to invite him to dinner.

Elaine looked at their compliments while feeling depressed in her heart.

Invite to a meal? How can I have money?

Don’t think that I live in a mansion worth more than 100 million, but I really can’t even get a thousand.

At this time, someone said: “Sister Elaine is worthy, why should you invite a Shangri-La to talk about it!”

An elder sister in the group said: “If Sister Elaine is going to have dinner today, I will take everyone to a high-end spa in the evening. It feels great!”

“Then I invite everyone to sing at Golden Emperor KTV tonight!”

“After singing the song, how about I invite everyone to squeeze their feet and enjoy a foot massage?”

“You are all arranged so densely, then I will invite a late night bar!”

Everyone had arranged the evening activities, so the eldest sister who took the lead said, “Sister Elaine, you are saying something, everyone is waiting for you!”

When Elaine saw that everyone had arranged so well, she also wanted to go out and play with the sisters in her heart.

After all, she was too depressed during this period, and really wanted to take the opportunity to relax.

However, everyone asked her to treat them to dinner, and couldn’t afford to pay for it!

Thinking of this, she can only find excuses and say: “Oh, sisters, I’m so sorry. I just moved, there are still a lot of places to clean up in the house, so I may not get time!

“Oh!” Someone said: “Sister Elaine, you have moved in, so you will slowly clean up! Today is the day of housewarming. If you miss it, there will be no such good sign!”

Elaine was also very excited.

But, money is a big problem!

Jacob has already returned all the remaining money to Charlie, so she can only go to Charlie and ask for the tens of thousands back!

So she said to her friend: “Wait for me, I will confirm the time with my family, and I will reply to you later.”

The eldest sister said: “It’s half past one in the afternoon. Give us a quasi-trust before three o’clock, so we can arrange time!”

“Okay.” Elaine hurriedly agreed, and then quickly got up and wanted to find Charlie.

At this time, Charlie was cooking in the kitchen downstairs.