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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 80 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 80 Start

Charlie nodded and said, “What if I fix it?”

Liangyun coldly hummed, “If it is verified by professionals and it is repaired and most of the losses can be recovered, then you can go!”

“Okay!” Charlie nodded: “A word is a deal!”

After speaking, he immediately stopped talking to him, picked up the writing brush, and outlined the outline of the Yuhuchun bottle on the rice paper.

Afterward, he knocked the egg in a small mouth, dipped a little egg white with his index finger, wiped it on a fragment of the bottle, pressed it on the paper model, and then picked up a piece and pressed it on. The paper model was gradually being antiqued. The fragments are posted on

Everyone kept silent, for fear of interrupting his repair process.

Soon, half an hour passed.

When Charlie straightened up again, what appeared in front of everyone was a Thompson Dynasty jade pot spring bottle that looked like a new.

He smiled at Liangyun and said, “You can see where there are flaws.”

Liangyun picked up the bottle and looked up and down a few times before he said disdainfully: “Are you teasing me? You f*cking paste it with egg liquid, even if it’s repaired? I will break your leg and paste it with egg liquid. Ok?”

“Don’t mess with that bottle!”

At this moment, a clear and urgent voice suddenly came from the door.

Immediately afterward, a glamorous beauty in a small white casual suit stepped in.

She has a beautiful face, a perfect and tall figure, close to a height of 1.7 meters, exuding a luxurious aura, those beautiful eyes look into the room, her eyes are full of cold and arrogance, like a queen of frost.

The moment Liangyun saw this woman, his face changed drastically, and he quickly lowered his head respectfully and said, “Miss, why are you here?”

The visitor is the actual owner of Jiqingtang, Warnia Song, the eldest of the Song family, the top family of Aurous Hill.

Warnia snorted coldly, and said angrily: “I’m afraid I don’t come, you will ruin all this shop! What’s the matter?”

Liangyun smiled wryly and quickly replied: “A customer accidentally broke the bottle while looking at it. His son-in-law repaired it with an egg. I was about to say that such a repair is worthless, and I want to talk to them about compensation.”

Warnia leaned to the edge of the antique bottle and observed for a while, her complexion suddenly changed!

Then, she immediately turned her head and scolded Liangyun and said, “Quickly let go! Whoever makes you don’t understand, just touch it!”

Liangyun was immediately stunned: “Miss, what are you?”

Warnia said angrily: “This is a cultural relic that has just been restored. Except for the restoration experts, other people can’t touch them with their hands for the time being. Don’t you understand this rule?”

Liangyun hesitated and said, “This is just using egg liquid to paste it again, isn’t it a repair?”

Warnia’s beautiful eyes were angry, and she scolded: “You idiot, after the bottle is repaired, the price will at least double, but because you touch it with your hand, you will lose at least two million! You pack your things and don’t come tomorrow! “

She had seen a porcelain plate in the same period at an auction in Hong Kong.

The history of the porcelain plate is very interesting. It is porcelain of the Thompson Dynasty. It was broken in the Song Dynasty and repaired by skilled craftsmen in the Song Dynasty in the same way.

And because this repair method is extremely rare and has long been lost in history, the final transaction price of the porcelain plate was 13 million, which far exceeded the actual value of the porcelain plate.

Now that this bottle was repaired by Charlie with a lost technique, the value of the bottle will rise!

Liangyun’s face was pale, and he didn’t expect that if he just touched the jade pot spring bottle, he would have caused such a big loss and lost his job.

Warnia then asked, “Where is the man who repaired this jade pot spring bottle? Take me to see him.”