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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 8 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 8 Start

Early the next morning, Claire brought the cooperation plan she had prepared overnight and came to the Emgrand Group with Charlie.

Looking at the 100-story Emgrand Group Building, Claire had no idea at all.

How could a company as large as the Emgrand Group look at the Willson family?

Not to mention that the Willson family wanted to negotiate a share of 30 million.

This is like a beggar who wants to go to a rich man’s house to ask for a reward of 30 million, which is completely idiotic.

However, since she promised my grandma and accepted the task in public, then she have to try something.

Seeing that she was very nervous, Charlie tidied her hair a little distressedly: “Don’t worry, my wife, you can talk, you will succeed.”

Claire said helplessly: “Hope! You are waiting for me here.”

After speaking, Claire took a deep breath and summoned her courage to walk into the door of the Emgrand Group.

Charlie watched behind her, took out her cell phone and called Doris.

“Doris, my wife has already gone up, you should know how to do the rest!”

Doris said immediately: “Mr. Wade, don’t worry, I will definitely satisfy Mrs. Wade.”

Charlie asked again: “By the way, I heard that Emgrand Group has a deep cooperation with Jones Family?”

Doris said: “The cooperation between them and Emgrand was really deep in the past. They also want to cooperate deeply in our new project this time, and are submitting the cooperation application materials to me, but now it depends on what you mean, Mr. Wade.”

Charlie said coldly: “I don’t want to see the Jones family participate in this new project, and I won’t have any cooperation with them in the future.”

Doris hurriedly said: “Don’t worry, I will do it!”

On the other side, Claire walked into the office building of the Emgrand Group and waited for an appointment at the front desk. She didn’t even know whether Doris, the vice chairman of the Emgrand Group, would like to see her.

After a while, a female assistant came over with a graceful posture: “You are Ms. Claire, right? Miss Doris is waiting for you in the office, please follow me.”

Claire nodded. She was still waiting in line to make an appointment, so why she was called indirectly?

Could it be that Doris knew she was coming?

But it doesn’t make sense, how can a famous person like Doris know her?

Although she couldn’t figure it out, Claire also knew that the opportunity was rare, and hurriedly followed the other party.

The female assistant took Claire directly into Doris’s office.

Seeing Claire, Doris quickly got up from the chair and greeted her respectfully: “Hello, Ms. Willson, I am Doris, Vice Chairman of the Emgrand Group.”

Facing the famous Aurous Hill superwoman, Claire felt a little nervous, and said respectfully: “Hello, Mr. Doris, I am here this time to talk to you about the hotel project. Although the overall strength of our Willson family is not good Strong, but we are really working hard in the decoration business, and we have a good reputation!”

As she said, she nervously handed over a piece of information, saying: “Doris, this is the relevant introduction and qualification documents of our Willson Group. Please also check it out.”

Doris smiled, and after receiving the document, she glanced briefly and said directly: “Ms. Willson, I read your information. I think the Willson family and Emgrand can cooperate.”

“What? What you said is true?” Claire couldn’t believe it.

Agreed so soon? How could it be so simple?

Doris smiled and said: “Of course it is true. Although the Willson family’s own conditions do not meet the cooperation standards of the Emgrand Group, our chairman is very optimistic about Ms. Willson and is willing to cooperate with you.”

“Chairman?” Claire exclaimed and asked, “Who is your chairman?”

Doris smiled indifferently and said: “Our chairman is Someone called Wade from the Wade family of Eastcliff.”


Claire frowned and said, “I don’t seem to know anyone named Wade, except for my husband.”

Doris nodded lightly, Charlie had told her not to reveal his identity information, so she could only reveal so much.

Apart from Charlie, Claire did not know anyone with the Wade, but she had never thought that her orphaned husband, who was of no use, was the son of Yes.

At this time, Doris said again: “Ms. Willson, let me see if the share of intention to cooperate in your information is 30 million?”

Claire nodded in a hurry, and asked without a bottom: “Is it too much?”

Doris smiled and said, “Not much, not much, but less.”

Claire became even more confused, and hurriedly asked, “What do you mean?”

Doris smiled and said: “Our chairman explained that he asked me to increase the cooperation share to 60 million.”

While talking, Doris took out a contract and handed it to Claire: “Look, the contract has been drawn up in advance, and the total is 60 million. If you think it’s okay, we can sign it now.”

“Huh? This”

Claire was really dumbfounded.

She didn’t expect that the Emgrand Group, which was unable to reach the Willson family, would take the initiative to prepare a contract for her!

Moreover, the contract amount has doubled!

Grandma’s goal is 30 million, and the contract actually says 60 million!

She suddenly thought that during the meeting last night, her husband Charlie resolutely let her take this task.

Why was he so confident?

And when he was at the door of the Emgrand Group just now, she had no confidence at the time, but he seemed confident.

Did he already know the result?

Who is he?