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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 796 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 796 Start

Noah plucked up the courage and said, “Mom, even if the court sentenced you to jail one day, Harold and Wendy and I have this money, we can live a stable life anyway, but if you don’t take these antiques out, you Once in prison, the three of us will starve to death outside!”

“Starve to death?” Old Mrs. Willson said coldly: “You three have hands and feet, even if you go to sweep the street, you can’t starve to death! I tell you Noah, the batch of antiques left by your father is my share, don’t think about it!”

Noah couldn’t hold back his anger, he stood up quickly, and said coldly: “The things my dad left behind are for our children and grandchildren. Why your alone?”

Old Mrs. Willson said coldly: “Why? Are you going to rebel? Okay, just call me, bark my teeth, I’m dead, none of you want to know where the antiques are. Nothing!”

As she said, the Lady Willson snorted and sneered: “Anyway, I am an old woman. She has long enough to live, and it doesn’t matter if I die now. Before I die, I will definitely make a will to donate my life insurance. I won’t give you any points! The three of you will suffer at that time. If the Willson family collapses and I die, even if the three of you don’t go to the streets to beg for food, you will be reduced to the bottom of the society, and your hard days will be early!”

When Noah heard this, he immediately persuaded himself.

He has no choice.

There is really no way.

Lack of money and no ability to make money is the biggest problem for him and his pair of children. If the Lady Willson is really dead and the life insurance is also donated, he will have no hope.

So he could only suppress his anger and humblely said: “Mom, I am in a rush. Don’t be like me.”

Old Mrs. Willson snorted coldly, and said arrogantly: “This is pretty much the same!”

At this time, several bank and court cars suddenly stopped at the entrance of Willson’s villa.

A large number of law enforcement officers in uniforms and several bank managers quickly came to the door and banged the door.

The family was astonished, Harold hurriedly got up and opened the door. Once he opened the door, he was stunned by the sight in front of him!

At this time, a large number of people rushed in and directly commanded many security guards to blockade the scene.

Then, a person in charge of the court stepped into the villa and said to the Old Mrs. Willson who was eating: “Are you the person in charge of the Willson Group?”

Before waiting for Mrs. Willson to reply, she said to Conveniently: “On behalf of the district court, I formally inform you that multiple creditors of yours have jointly filed an application with the court to request the Willson Group and all the people in your name, to freeze assets, freeze all accounts under the Willson Group and your personal name, and force you to fulfill your repayment obligations!”

Old Mrs. Willson blurted out: “I just paid back more than one million to the bank! The bank manager also told me that he can give me a period of grace, why did he change my mind in a while?!”

The other party said coldly: “The bank considers that you have no profitability, and it is impossible to repay if you delay it. Therefore, it initiated an application together with other creditors and seized all the assets under your name. Now I will give you an hour to clean up. I moved your own things out, it is going to be sealed!”


Old Mrs. Willson stood up tremblingly, and blurted out and asked: “Seize all my assets?! Why?!”

The other party said coldly: “Of course it is because you owe money not to pay back! Also, don’t blame me for not reminding you, you can only take away daily clothes, toiletries and ordinary furniture. All cash, luxury goods, and valuables must be left behind.”