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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 795 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 795 Start

Elaine finished editing the copy of the Moments, and deliberately added a few shy expressions to the back, and then opened the location of Tomson, and clicked sent happily.

When this was posted, many people immediately liked and commented.

The message was all kinds of admiration, catering, kneeling and licking, marveling at how luxurious her mansion is.

After all, no one thought that Elaine could live in a top-notch villa of more than one billion, which is beyond the understanding for everyone who knew her.

At this time, the Willson family was boiling cabbage around a pot of duck racks, eating bitter tears.

The Lady Willson herself did not loose the money, and was quite dissatisfied with Noah and his children’s contradictions yesterday, so she also deliberately wanted to toss them.

So, she went out to buy vegetables in the morning, only bought a duck rack, and then bought two Chinese cabbage, washed and chopped directly, and simmered in a pot.

She felt that, anyway, she was old, had a small appetite, and couldn’t eat anything that was too meaty and greasy, so she put this kind of clear soup and watery things, as for the three of them, they would like to eat or not, and would not eat it.

Noah, Harold, and Wendy were almost exhausted. The three of them couldn’t make up the money for a meal, so they could only eat this stuff with the Lady Willson at home.

The duck frame looked not small, but it was all bones, and there was no meat at all. The bone skull in front of Harold says, he had already eaten a lot, but it just didn’t fill his stomach.

Annoyed, he ate while scanning the circle of friends.

Suddenly he saw the one sent by Elaine, and after a closer look, he gritted his teeth and threw the chopsticks off his head. He cursed, “Grass! Elaine, a shrew, has actually moved into Tomson’s first product. d*mn, she too. Is it worthy of Tomson’s first product?! God is blind!”

When the Lady Willson heard this, she picked up her mobile phone and took a look, and she was suddenly angry!

“This d*mn dog thing, specifically said that there are ten bedrooms can’t live in all of them, this is deliberately to tell me!”

Old Mrs. Willson was extremely uncomfortable, and she cursed in her heart that she couldn’t give her a room out of so many rooms and let her live in it. Now she is still sending out intentionally to irritate her. It is really a thousand cuts that she will not understand her hatred!

At this time, Noah also looked at the mobile phone circle of friends, looked at the photos of the mansion sent by Elaine, and then looked at the duck rack in front of him and boil cabbage. He was so angry that he couldn’t eat anymore, and directly pulled Elaine into the blacklist. .

Out of sight out of mind!

Wendy also has Elaine’s WeChat friends, and she opened a glance and was also very angry.

Seeing the emotions of these three people, the Lady Willson was a little depressed, and said hurriedly: “Don’t care about the things Elaine sent. She will have to be driven out of the villa within a few days.”

After speaking, she cleared her throat and said, “Our top priority is to think about how to make the Willson Group overcome the difficulties and regain its vitality!”

Noah said angrily: “What difficulties have you overcome? Tens of millions of debts must be solved? What can be done? This villa is so old, I think it can sell at most 178 million, and the remaining holes will be repaid. It’s big.”

After he finished speaking, he looked at Mrs. Willson with some complaints, and said, “The antiques that dad left behind can be sold for tens of millions, right? If you want me to say Mom, you might as well give me all those antiques. I sell them for real. , And then go to buy a house. After the bank takes the villa away, you can still have a place to live.”

Old Mrs. Willson said with a cold face: “Buy a house? Do you think I can live there if you buy a house? I can’t pay my debts. I might go to jail! I’m already this old. If I go to jail, I will pay and come out alive?”