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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 790 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 790 Start

So he could only bite the bullet and explained: “Claire, what I told your mother about us back then was not against you. Dad never disliked you.”

Claire didn’t know the stories back then, and couldn’t help but say a little bit of dissatisfaction: “Dad, I don’t care what happened between you and mom, and whether there was still between you and mom. The third one, I only know that you have married more than 20 years ago. This is a marriage of your own choice. You must give this marriage enough respect!”

“Like you, changing your mobile phone password to the birthday of your first lover is an infidelity to your marriage! If you don’t love your wife or hate your wife, you can divorce your wife and pursue your own happiness, but you can’t Just do something like this before a marriage is over!”

Jacob suddenly felt helpless.

He also knew that his daughter was right, and that he did not divorce Elaine, so he changed the phone password to the birthday of his first love, which really shouldn’t be.

So he said ashamed: “Claire, you are right about this. Dad did a bad job. Dad apologizes to you.”

Claire said, “You should apologize to mom, not me.”

Jacob can only bite the bullet and say to Elaine: “My fault, I shouldn’t change the password to Meiqing’s birthday, nor should I do it with you, I will review.”

Elaine succeeded, and immediately said: “You immediately change your mobile phone password to my birthday, and then change your bank login password and payment password to my birthday!”

Jacob rebuked: “Aren’t you just trying to control money? What’s the point of acting in so many dramas?”

Elaine made a strong argument: “I don’t want to manage money, I hope you will give me the respect I deserve!”

Jacob nodded and said, “Okay! You want the password changed, right? I will change it now.”

After finishing speaking, he immediately took out his mobile phone, advanced to mobile banking, and transferred the remaining tens of thousands to Charlie, and then changed the password to Elaine’s birthday.

After finishing all these, Jacob said coldly, “Okay, I have changed everything, are you satisfied?”

Elaine immediately snatched the phone from him and said, “I will check it first!”

After that, enter her birthday to unlock, and then hurriedly enter the mobile banking.

As a result, when she saw that the balance turned out to be zero, her heart suddenly became angry!

Money? !

Obviously there are tens of thousands of left!

She hurriedly checked the transfer records and discovered that just now, Jacob had transferred all the money to Charlie!

This old thing would rather transfer all the money back to Charlie than let himself get a point!

However, Elaine couldn’t do anything else for a while.

She can’t ask the whereabouts of the money in front of her daughter, it seems that it was all about the money!

She had to grit teeth, jot down this in her heart, and then slowly calculate with Jacob!