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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 786 Free Novel

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Jacob also nodded again and again.

He knows what it feels like to have a b*tch in the house, it’s just like jumping around.

If there are two shrews in the family, don’t ask for this one.

So he was cruel and said: “Mom, give me a card number, I will send you the money, or you can let these porters move the furniture.”

The Old Mrs. Willson was very angry, and she pointed to Jacob and was about to come up and slap him. Fortunately, Jacob reacted quickly and took two steps back to make the Lady Willson rush away.

She was shivering with Jacob’s attitude, and what was even more depressing was that she had no chance to enjoy such a luxurious and extravagant villa, which made every pore in her body feel as uncomfortable as a needle.

However, there is no other way right now.

She could only glared at Jacob, gritted her teeth and said: “Okay! Really my good son! From now on, we will completely cut off all relations! Even if I die, don’t come!”

Elaine answered, “That’s just right, it saves us trouble.”


Old Mrs. Willson coughed violently, took out a bank card, and shouted to Jacob: “Transfer money! You have to give me 1.21 million!”

Elaine frowned and asked, “Why give you 1.21 million? Didn’t you say 1.2 million?”

The Lady Willson said angrily: “I hired a car and hired people for nothing?”

Elaine said coldly: “What does it have to do with us when you hired someone and hired a car? Why don’t you ask for money for the paper you sh!t and wipe your a** in the morning? Do you want me to reimburse you?”

Old Mrs. Willson gritted her teeth and cursed: “You shrew, I will tear your broken mouth!”

With that, the Lady Willson stretched out her hand to catch Elaine.

Elaine is not Jacob, she is not at all polite, she just shakes her hand to open the Lady Willson’s hand forcefully, and coldly said: “Why? Still want to do it? You are right, I am indeed a shrew, but you are not something. Good bird! You old shrew, do it with me at my house, believe it or not, I’ll suck you with my big mouth?”

Having been bullied and despised by the Lady Willson for so many years, Elaine had long wanted to avenge this revenge. She had never had a chance before, but today is a godsend.

The Old Mrs. Willson didn’t expect that Elaine was really not afraid of her at all. Although angry, there was really no way to do it.

At this time, Jacob took the phone to operate, and then said to the Lady Willson: “Mom, 1.21 million has been sent to you, you can check it, please go back if there is no problem.”

Elaine blurted out: “You have the money to burn? Give me the 10,000 to do a few spas. What can I do for her? Isn’t this feeding the dog?”

Jacob waved his hand: “Okay, don’t say a few words!”

Mrs. Willson received a text message on her mobile phone at this time. When she took it out, she found that her account had reached 1.21 million. So she observed at Elaine and said coldly: “Elaine, wait for me. Open your mouth!”

After that, she said to Harold and Wendy: “Let’s go!”

Harold and Wendy breathed a sigh of relief.

They are really afraid that their second uncle Jacob is not firm enough. If they really agree to let the Lady Willson live in, their family of three will be over.

Fortunately, they didn’t let the Lady Willson succeed!