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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 785 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 785 Start

As soon as Mrs. Willson said this, the expressions of everyone present changed!

Elaine was the first to change his face!

She instantly understood the intention of the Lady Willson!

Good Old Lady! What an old fox! It’s fake that she gives furniture, it’s real that she want to live in our big villa!

Finally asked you to get rid of the Willson family, even better than the Willson family, and can crush the Willson family.

As a result, she suddenly licked their face and wanted to live in the big villa?

Is she worthy?

Jacob was not a fool either. The last second was indeed touched by the generosity of the Lady Willson, but in this second, he immediately understood the Lady Willson’s intentions.

He knew that if he let the Lady Willson live in his new villa, it would simply lead the wolf into the house, and the whole family would be disturbed, so he could not agree to anything.

Charlie was also a little worried, if this old woman really lived in, that day would be totally turned upside down!

Not only the Charlie and the family was shocked, but Harold and Wendy next to them were even more shocked!

Not only are they shocked, they are also very angry!

The Lady Willson’s meaning is too obvious, this is to go directly to curry with Jacob’s family, and then move over to live with them.

In that case, what should a family of three do? !

Their mother rolled 15 million and ran away. The father is almost penniless now, and their siblings have no savings.

The only reliance is the batch of antiques hidden in the hands of the Lady Willson. If she defected to Jacob’s family at this time, wouldn’t her family be ruined? !

Once the bank takes away the villa, the family will sleep on the street!

Just when they were tense, Elaine took the lead. She looked at Mrs. Willson with contempt, and said coldly: “Oh, your wishful thinking is really good. Please kick us out first. Let us live now. It’s a big villa, so you want to exchange a set of broken furniture for a room? Do you know how much my villa is? 130 million! Counting the decoration, maybe it’s 150 million, a bedroom At least it’s worth tens of millions. How much is your set of furniture?”

Old Mrs. Willson only wants to live in this villa now, so facing Elaine’s ridicule, she said with an innocent look: “My daughter, this set of furniture is a little bit of care from mom to send you to the house. How can my heart use money? How about measuring?”

Elaine immediately said: “Don’t come to this set. Let’s use money to measure it. Isn’t it 1.2 million? We would rather give you than let you move in. If you move in it is not going to be a good omen for us. That’s it?”

Jacob also instantly realized.

Yes, if Mrs. Willson also moved in, then his life would be no different from h*ll.

So he immediately said to Mrs. Willson: “Mom, you give me a card number, and I will send the money!”

Seeing that Jacob was not fooled, Mrs. Willson suddenly lowered her face and asked in a cold voice, “What? Are you obliged to break up with your mother?”

Jacob hurriedly said: “Mom, I didn’t tell you to make a clean break, but you said, but in my eyes, you will always be my mother.”

“Where is your mother in your eyes?” Old Mrs. Willson said angrily, “You don’t want to leave me a room in such a big villa. You would rather see me starving to death or freezing to death outside. Don’t want to support me! Your conscience has been eaten by dogs!”

Before Jacob had time to speak, Elaine blurted out: “Don’t fix that useless thing. Sell sofas and sell. Why do you still rely on us? Tell you, you were the one who broke the relationship and drove us out. Now you regret it, but we don’t regret it. After leaving Willson’s house, you don’t know how happy we were. If you ask us to restore the relationship now, we will not agree.”