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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 784 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 784 Start

But now, the one who is about to live here is Claire, who she has never looked down upon and has been very upset!

Thinking of this, she couldn’t help saying: “Grandma, I’ll be with you too!”

After speaking, she walked up quickly, and supported her grandma with her brother Harold from left to right.

The grandma walked into the living room, looking at the magnificent and carved decoration, they couldn’t even speak in amazement.

Above the living room, there is an oversized ceiling of more than ten meters high. In the center is a huge and luxurious golden crystal lamp. The light is refracted through the crystal and it is colorful and it is so beautiful that it is suffocating!

Old Mrs. Willson stood in the living room, her legs trembling.

Her own villa, if compared with this place, is simply a huge pit!

The decoration here is simply countless times stronger than that of her own villa!

The Lady Willson couldn’t help thinking, what a pleasant experience would it be if she could live here?

She’s afraid that she just want to stay at home every day, look here, touch there…

It’s a pity that she has no life!

This son, Jacob, doesn’t look at the usual squanderings, he is really lucky in choosing a son-in-law.

Who would have thought that the smelly rug from an orphanage like Charlie could have such good luck?

Knowing this a long time ago, she would never look down on Charlie at the beginning, and be polite to him when she said thing, and be polite to Jacob’s family. In that case, she might have the opportunity to live in this luxurious villa. …..

It is a pity that she had clearly severed the relationship with Jacob at the beginning, even if she wanted to restore the relationship with him, she would not agree…

Harold and Wendy on the side felt even more uncomfortable.

Wendy looked at this palace-like living room, her eyes even turned red.

If it wasn’t grandma who had offended Charlie, how could the White family retreat from her?

She should have become the young daughter in law of the White family, but now, after being played by Fredmen and Barena, her reputation in Aurous Hill has been completely ruined. During this time, she didn’t even have a suitor by her side. She wanted to marry a rich family. It’s a foolish dream!

When the grandmom and granddaughter were thinking about theirselves, the porter had moved all the furniture into the living room.

Jacob took a count and checked one by one to make sure that everything was okay, and he was extremely excited.

He is really sentimental about this set of furniture, and it can be said that it is the best result to buy this set of furniture.

So he came to the Old Mrs. Willson with a look of excitement and said: “Mom, there is nothing wrong with the furniture, how can I pay you?”

The Old Mrs. Willson looked at Jacob with a complicated expression, and said, “Jacob, you are also mom’s son. Since you like this set of furniture so much, this furniture mom will give to you.”

Jacob hurriedly said: “Mom, how can this work? One size fits one size. Even if you send me these pieces of furniture, eldest brother won’t agree. Besides, isn’t the family short of money right now? Maybe it can help the family.”

Mrs. Willson shook her head and said earnestly, “Jacob, I know what you want, but don’t worry. The Willson family is still has your mother and I am in charge. As long as I say this furniture is given to you, it is yours.”

When Jacob heard this, he said gratefully: “Thank you mom!”

Elaine on the side was also very excited. Is this the Lady Willson changing her s3x? If she doesn’t want it, just doesn’t want it? That’s great! She has another chance!

Unexpectedly, Mrs. Willson sighed pitifully at this time: “Jacob, Willson’s villa will be taken away soon. By that time, your mother and I will be sleeping on the street. Your villa is so big and luxurious, isn’t it? Shouldn’t you leave a bedroom for mom?”