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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 783 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 783 Start

When Jacob heard this, he said with excitement: “Of course it is true, 1.2 million, I want it!”

Noah said angrily: “Okay, since you really want it, put the money on mother’s card, and this furniture will be sold to you!”

Jacob left an eye on it and said, “In this way, you send the furniture to Tomson. After the furniture is unloaded, I will pay immediately.”

Noah on the other side of the phone hesitated for a moment, and said, “Okay, things are in the car now and can be transported at any time.”

Jacob hurriedly said, “Well, let’s see you at Tomson! I’ll wait for you there!”

After speaking, Jacob immediately hung up and said excitedly: “Charlie, you guessed it! They are willing to sell!”

Elaine’s expression suddenly became very ugly.

Not only did she just say something, she was slapped in the face by a phone call by Jacob, but more importantly, if Jacob bought the old furniture with this 1.2 million, wouldn’t the family have no money?

Thinking of this, Elaine was extremely depressed, and the look in Charlie’s eyes was almost humane.

Charlie didn’t bother to talk to Elaine, he knew exactly what Elaine wanted, so the more she couldn’t get it, the more interesting he found it.

It just so happened that the family of four had also bought other furniture, so Charlie drove the car and drove the family to Tomson.

Tomson’s villa has been completely completed. Except for the lack of furniture, everything else is full of incomparable luxury. The decoration of the living room is magnificent. The whole floor is polished by natural marble, like a mirror, which makes people feel like a mirror. It feels magnificent.

Elaine looked at the extravagant decoration, her pores were stretched out, and she was happy from ear to ear.

Jacob was also inexplicably surprised, and said with emotion: “When I saw it last time, the decoration was not finished yet, and the living room is still covered with scratch-resistant floor mats. I can’t see the details. If I look at it today, it looks more stylish than the palace!”

Claire does the decoration herself, so you can see the cost of the decoration of this villa at a glance. She pulled Charlie aside and whispered: “This decoration probably costs tens of millions. Why is Solmon White doing this? Generous?”

Charlie said: “After all, it’s a rich man. A villa worth more than one billion is given away, so tens of millions of decorations are nothing.”

“Okay…” Claire stuck her tongue out and said, “This is the first time I have seen such a high-standard residential decoration. It’s too scary.”

Charlie smiled without saying a word.

In his mind, there are still many memories of being in the Wade family as a child.

The Wade Family Mansion in my memory was many times more luxurious than this ten or twenty years ago.

Just when Claire’s family of three were amazed by the luxurious decoration of the villa, Noah led the truck with the goods and arrived at the door of Tomson Villa.

Jacob was overjoyed and hurried out to direct the porters to move the Hainan Classical furniture into the villa.

Old Mrs. Willson took Noah, Harold and Wendy, got out of the car and took a look in the courtyard. After the villa’s courtyard was renovated, it was much more luxurious than before, and the four of them felt uncomfortable to death.

Noah went into the villa because he had to follow in to see how the furniture was moved. When he came out, his face looked many times uglier than before.

Mrs. Willson couldn’t help asking: “Noah, how is the decoration inside?”

“Hey…” Noah sighed and said uncomfortably: “I have never seen such a luxurious decoration! It’s so dizzy!”

“Really?!” The Old Mrs. Willson came to her energy, blurted out: “I want to go in and take a look!”

Harold also wanted to see and insight, so he hurriedly said: “Grandma, I will join you!”

Wendy looked at this villa with an extremely complicated mood.

She used to be the fiancée of Gerald, and this villa was owned by Gerald’s uncle Solmon White. If she had married Gerald, she could not only come here often, but might even live here.