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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 778 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 778 Start

“A living room with more than 100 square meters?!” The shopping guide was dumbfounded after listening, and blurted out: “This is too big, right?”

Jacob chuckled and said, “Tomson’s largest villa, can the living room be small?”

The shopping guide’s eyes were full of shock, and he hurriedly said: “Sir, such a big living room, then you can buy more furniture to look less empty!”

After that, the shopping guide hurriedly led him to a set of Classical sofa and introduced: “Sir, our set of 3221 Classical sofa is specially designed for villa customers. There are eight people in total. Being able to sit down and it is very atmospheric.”

Jacob stepped forward and touched the armrest of the sofa. He was very satisfied with the slippery touch. He curiously asked, “What price is this set?”

The other party said: “Sir, this set is made of Hainan Classical, good quality wood, and old material. If you like it, we can give you a cost price of 1.98 million!”

“Oh!” Jacob was startled and said, “You are expensive!”

The other party explained: “This is made of Hainanese materials, good materials, so the price is naturally more expensive, but your Tomson first-class large-scale villa is worth hundreds of millions. Such a luxurious villa requires such a set of sofas!”

Elaine frowned on the side and said: “What kind of a ghost sofa, a set will cost almost two million. After buying this family, you can just sleep on the sofa!”

Jacob glared at her, and then said embarrassingly: “This set is too over-budget, is there a cheaper one? For example, the price of Burmese rosewood is not much lower than that of Hainan?”

The shopping guide said: “This set of Burmese rosewood costs about one million, and we don’t have it in stock now.”

After finishing talking, the shopping guide added another sentence, saying: “Most people who deal rosewood still like Hainanese materials, but Burmese materials are really not up to the standard.”

Jacob smacked his lips, feeling a little regretful.

Buying a sofa set for nearly two million, which obviously exceedes the budget too much.

After all, not only buying a sofa at home, but also other furniture and appliances in the living room, furniture for at least two bedrooms, furniture for the dining room, and appliances for the room.

Bedroom furniture and dining room furniture don’t need to be so good, but at least a few hundred thousand are enough. So if want to buy a good sofa, the budget cannot exceed 1.4 million.

So he hurriedly asked the shopping guide: “If I order a set of Burmese materials, how long will it take to deliver it?”

“This…” The other party thought for a while, and said, “It will take a month for less to say. You know, this kind of timber is more troublesome to purchase. When the timber comes in, it will be sent to the processing plant for processing. It will take a long time to send it to Aurous Hill again.”

“This is too long…”

Jacob thought to himself, can’t the living room even have a sofa after moving in as a family?

It seems that he can only look at other cheaper sofas.

As he was thinking, he suddenly heard a familiar voice, and said, “Is the boss here? Can he accept second-hand old furniture? Hainan Classical!”

Jacob turned his head subconsciously, and suddenly looked at his big brother Noah, who was walking into the store.

Noah didn’t expect that he would meet Jacob’s family here. When he thought of his current desolate appearance, he almost subconsciously wanted to turn around and leave.

At this time, a man suddenly walked out of the store, looked at Jacob, and hurriedly asked loudly: “Did you say you want to sell Hainan Classical furniture?”