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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 777 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 777 Start

The next morning, Charlie’s family of four had eaten and drove directly to the Furniture City.

Elaine thought about it all night, but she didn’t think of how to get the money from Jacob’s bank account. Seeing that it was going to be spent, she scratched her heart anxiously.

At the same time, Mrs. Willson’s family also got up early in the morning.

After breakfast, the truck arrived. The workers loaded the Classical furniture from the Willson family, and drove to the furniture market.

In the west of Aurous Hill, there is a large-scale furniture city. Almost all the furniture sellers in Aurous Hill gather here.

There are everything from high, middle and low grade furniture here, and it can be said to be the best place to buy furniture.

Jacob himself has always been under the influence of Mr. Willson, and he especially likes antiques. Not only does he like to shop for antiques, he also likes old furniture, especially old furniture with good wood.

He has always liked the set of Classical furniture in the Willson’s villa, but it’s a pity that he can’t take it to himself, so he can only think about it.

Because he likes old wooden furniture, Jacob has to go straight to the wooden furniture hall when he arrives in the furniture city.

When Elaine saw him head straight to the wooden furniture store, her face was immediately pulled off, and she blurted out: “Jacob, you are not allowed to buy a bunch of rotten wooden furniture home! Our house is a luxuriously decorated villa. Buy it if you want. This kind of luxurious European-style furniture, that kind of wood furniture, is earthy and expensive, and it’s uncomfortable to sit down, absolutely not worthy to buy!”

“What do you know?” Jacob said disdainfully: “Chinese-style furniture plays with wood and heritage, and there is still a lot of room for appreciation for this thing, and culturally talented people can understand it!”

Elaine blurted out: “We are both from the same university, do you think you are more educated than me?”

Jacob waved his hand: “This kind of culture talks about the foundation, you don’t understand it.”

After finishing speaking, he said to Charlie: “Good son-in-law, if we can buy a set of Classical furniture, we won’t come in vain today!”

Charlie nodded indifferently and said, “Dad, you like it.”

Seeing that Jacob ignored her, Elaine stomped her feet in anger. She would have been mad at him when she was going, but now she dare not mad at him casually. After all, she doesn’t have any money now. Isn’t it too passive to turn her face at this time?

So she could only pull Claire aside and said, “Claire, you persuade your dad not to buy that kind of flashy wooden furniture, which is expensive and unsightly. What’s the matter? Keep hundreds of thousands in the bank. Isn’t it good to prepare for a rainy day?”

Claire said helplessly: “Mom, since that money Charlie has given Dad full control, let’s not interfere.”

“You kid, why aren’t you facing me at all?” Elaine didn’t expect Claire to be indifferent to him at all, and suddenly felt uncomfortable.

Claire said earnestly: “Mom, you have lost so much money in a game of cards. It’s time to learn a little bit and stop. Now that you have agreed to let Dad control the money, you must respect Dad’s choice.”

Elaine was as uncomfortable as it was something in her throat.

At this time, Jacob walked directly into a shop called “Emperor Furniture”, this shop is a store that specializes in Classical furniture, which is quite famous in Aurous Hill.

As soon as he entered, a shopping guide stepped forward and asked enthusiastically: “How many would you like to watch?”

Jacob said: “I want to see the rosewood furniture, which is for the living room.”

The shopping guide hurriedly asked: “Then how big is your living room?”

Jacob said: “Almost a hundred square meters!”