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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 776 Free Novel

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But in order to live, in order not to be beaten or go hungry, Horiyah can only choose to compromise.

However, at this time, the Willson family, how did they know that she was suffering and insulted like this.

They thought she was lying in a five-star hotel, being served hard by a lover who was twenty years younger than her.

Therefore, the Old Mrs. Willson cursed Horiyah bitterly. Noah and his sons and daughters heard this. Not only were they not angry, but they were also aroused by anger and dissatisfaction in their hearts.

To say that the most miserable person was Horiyah who belonged to Noah’s family.

For Noah, both people and wealth are empty, and all day long wondering whether Horiyah would go crazy looking for young guys outside with the ten million, and wear countless green hats on.

The reason why Harold and Wendy hate Horiyah is very simple, that is money!

Without the money, the Willson family was struggling. Even with the two rich second generations of them, they were desperate like dogs. The more they lived, the more they were suffocated.

“dmn, Horiyah, this btch, if I get her one day, I have to break her leg, otherwise I can’t get out of this nasty breath!”

Noah gritted his teeth and cursed loudly. After the cursing, he took out his phone and said angrily: “I’m looking for a car. I will take these furniture to the furniture store tomorrow morning and let people give an estimate. If it’s appropriate, then sell directly.”

Old Mrs. Willson looked at the furniture displayed at home in pain with a look of dismay.

When the Old Master Willson was alive, the Willson family had a glorious experience. Some furniture was made of fine imported wood. Not only does it have a lot of value, but the meaning is also different.

However, there is no way to be reluctant, if they don’t sell it, they will have to return to the bank sooner or later.

So she said to Noah: “If these furniture are sold slowly, let alone the value of one million six hundred and seven hundred thousand, we are anxious to sell, the other party will definitely have to keep the price down, so the price must not be so high, but if you can give it a price One million and three hundred thousand, you can shoot.”

“Okay.” Noah nodded and said, “1.3 million is not too much, at least it can be turned around first.”


At this time, Jacob was lying on the sofa, using his mobile phone to look for pictures of furniture, and wanted to look at the furniture style he was interested in first.

Elaine muttered with ulterior motives from the side: “Jacob, don’t be extravagant when buying furniture, save a little money and we will live better in the future.”

Jacob snorted disdainfully, and said, “Son-in-law said, two million will be used to buy furniture and appliances.”

Elaine suddenly became anxious, and blurted out: “Buy furniture, but life is not enough?”

Jacob said dissatisfied: “What are you yelling at? This money was given by Charlie to buy furniture and appliances. If we spend 1.5 million, the remaining 500,000 will be returned to Charlie. You persuade me. Don’t worry about it, I won’t give you a penny.”

“You…” Elaine gritted her teeth bitterly.

But at this time, Jacob had two million in his hands, and she had nothing in her hands. Before cracking his password, she couldn’t do anything!

At this time, Jacob saw a set of classical Chinese-style all-wood furniture and sighed: “If we can take a set of this kind of furniture, or get the set of classical furniture from the Willson family, we put it in our set. It will be perfect in the new villa!”