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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 775 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 775 Start

When the Old Mrs. Willson heard that Noah asked her to sell furniture or antiques, she didn’t get angry.

She angrily said: “I can bear selling furniture, don’t even think about selling antiques! Those are the coffin books your dad left me when he died!”

Noah hurriedly persuaded: “Mom, this person is still the most important thing when you are alive. Are you hiding those antiques until you bring them back to dad?”

“Don’t bullsht!” Old Mrs. Willson cursed angrily, and shouted: “Do you know what a bullsht? These furniture are all registered in the bank. Once the bank comes to seal up, they will definitely buckle this batch of furniture, but those antiques, The bank doesn’t know that, once we are finally unable to recover and the house is taken away by the bank, those antiques can be used to save lives!”

Noah realized this!

Selling furniture now is tantamount to secretly disposing of the mortgaged things to the bank in advance, which is regarded as making up for the loss.

But now selling antiques, once the people in the bank know that they are worried about it, they may have to find all these antiques by digging the ground.

Therefore, this antique cannot be sold as a last resort.

Therefore, Noah hurriedly complimented and said: “Mom, you think more comprehensively, I will listen to you.”

Old Mrs. Willson snorted coldly and said, “Had you listened to me and gave me the money. Today will not be like now!”

Thinking of the Willson family’s severance of financial resources and the tragic situation of being heavily in debt, Mrs. Willson jumped angrily.

And all of this is thanks to Noah’s wife, Horiyah.

If it weren’t for Horiyah’s b*tch to run away with money, how could the Willson family be reduced to its current miserable situation?

Moreover, Mrs. Willson had thought about it a long time ago and asked her son to take out 8 million first, and first repay part of the bank’s foreign debt, and then drag it for a while to find other solutions.

But now, everything has fallen through. There is no money for money, no people for money, and the bank has urged to come to the door. The entire Willson family is already in a depressed state.

The older Mrs. Willson wanted to get more and more angry, she couldn’t help but slapped the table and cursed: “Horiyah, this btch, how come I haven’t noticed that she is a natural rebellion! She and Elaine, the btch, are just like the same raccoon. Let her marry into the Willson family. This is the decision I regret in my life. I should have driven her out of the Willson family and starved her to death on the street.”

Speaking of this, Mrs. Willson bit her posterior molars and said angrily: “This b*tch is cool now! More than two million in cash in her hand, she also has a little white face, I don’t know where she is living happy now! “

Old Mrs. Willson didn’t know that at this moment, her daughter-in-law Horiyah was much worse than Willson’s family.

Every day, she digs coal in the dark coal kiln. She has to wear a dozen kilograms of cast iron shackles on her feet. It is impossible to rest if she does not work for twelve hours a day. Her hands and feet are worn out with blood blisters. , Flesh and blood.

Moreover, the owner of mine where Horiyah is relocated to is very cruel, and arranged a fierce supervisor for the group of laborers Mr. Orvel had sent over. They were beaten up for their coal mining activities. If they were dissatisfied, they used the whip to lashed them hard.

Horiyah used to be properly maintained, and she could be said to have the charm at the age of 40 or 50. So when she arrived at the black coal kiln, she was remembered by the overseer. Originally, she didn’t look down on the dirty and smelly overseer and would rather die. Not willing to let him touch.

However, after being beaten maliciously several times by the opponent and deliberately hungry several times, she completely compromised and became the c0ncubine of the overseer in the black coal mine.

After being a c0ncubine for a supervisor, although she had some relief from physical labor, she suffered mentally.

Originally, she was also a woman worth tens of millions and living in a villa every day, so she was a half-laden woman.

But now, in a dim, dirty, and even smelly tiled house, trying her best to cater to the dirty old supervisor with her body is simply the greatest torment in the world.