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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 774 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 774 Start

Claire hurriedly asked Charlie how the two million came.

Charlie said lightly: “Looking at Feng Shui.”

Claire was surprised and said, “You can get two million with a feng shui look. Isn’t this too outrageous?”

Charlie asked back: “Wasn’t it even more ridiculous that the White family gave a villa?”

Claire was speechless to refute.

Charlie said: “My wife, I know what you are worried about, but you can rest assured that I helped this big man see Feng Shui and indirectly helped him solve a big business problem, which made him earn tens of millions. It is reasonable to take two million.”

Claire was just a little relieved and asked, “Did you give the two million to dad?”

Charlie nodded and said, “I gave it to him.”

Claire said anxiously: “I’m worried that mother will be thinking about the money, maybe she will be a demon again!”

Charlie smiled and said: “It’s okay, let’s go to the furniture store tomorrow, and try to spend the two million. When the time comes, mother will not miss it.”


At this moment, the Willson family villa.

Old Mrs. Willson held the collection slip from the Agricultural Bank, her expression uglier than crying.

The Agricultural Bank owes more than 10 million in arrears. According to the requirements of the Agricultural Bank, it must first repay 10%, which is more than 1 million.

Now the Willson family is down and out of money, and more and more orders are being collected by the bank.

The more than one million in the Agricultural Bank is still small, and there are more than 20 million holes in China Merchants Bank. Don’t know how to fill it.

Noah was also worried at this time and said to the Old Mrs. Willson: “Mom, it’s really not good. Let’s sell our antique furniture. Can sell it for a million? Fill it in and think about the rest.”

“Selling furniture, you know selling furniture!”

Old Mrs. Willson angrily reprimanded: “These furniture are all left by your father. You really don’t feel sorry for selling it!”

Noah said helplessly, “Is there anything we can do? If you don’t sell, the hurdle in front of us will be overwhelming!”

Old Mrs. Willson grabbed a teacup and suddenly fell to Noah’s feet!

The teacup suddenly fell apart, and Noah also hurriedly stepped aside in fright.

The Old Mrs. Willson glared at Noah, gritted her teeth and said: “I told you a long time ago, give me the money! Give me the money! What about you? You don’t believe me! You don’t believe me! You played with me carefully, took your All that money and gave to Horiyah, that dmn stinky lady, and now it’s alright, and that btch Horiyah ran away with money. Are you satisfied? Are you comfortable?”

The mention of Horiyah or the thought of her makes Noah very uncomfortable.

This woman can be a lie!

For more than 20 years, she has been doing very well, loving him and children very much, and she was very responsible for her family.

However, he never dreamed that she would donate all her money and run away when the Willson family was in the most difficult phase of its time!

This incident dealt a huge blow to Noah, and also caused him extremely injured.

He even wanted to find Horiyah and cut her a thousand times.

However, reality does not give him this opportunity at all.

He asked people to inquire and looked for clues everywhere, but found nothing.

Horiyah disappeared completely as if the world had evaporated.

Seeing the Lady Willson’s anger, he had to speak out and persuade her: “Mom, you are right, but our biggest problem now is that we need a sum of money to help us in the emergency, our furniture, or the antiques my dad left behind. I say you have to sell a few things, so that we can exchange some cash to save life!”