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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 773 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 773 Start

Elaine gritted her teeth at Jacob, and immediately opened her mobile bank, preparing to go in and transfer all the two million that Charlie gave him.

When entering the mobile banking to request the password, she directly used Meiqing’s birthday, and she really came in!

At this time, there is 2027232.15 in the balance of the bank card.

Among them, two million were transferred in by Jacob just now, and another twenty thousand were the last time Charlie gave Jacob a dinner party, but Jacob did not spend the money.

The remaining seven thousands are regarded as Jacob’s private money.

Elaine immediately clicked the transfer, filled in her account, and then entered 2027232.14 in the transfer amount column. She decided to leave only a cent for Jacob to let him know the cost of offending her!

After entering all the transfer information and checking to confirm that there was no problem, Elaine sneered and clicked to transfer immediately.

Then, a dialog box pops up: “Please enter the payment password.”

Elaine entered Meiqing’s birthday again, but this time she didn’t succeed!

Mobile banking immediately popped up a prompt: “The password is wrong, you can try 2 more times today!”

“d*mn!” Elaine immediately gritted her teeth and cursed: “The old dog even set a different payment password separately…”

While scolding, she thought in her heart, what exactly would Jacob set the payment password to?

Since the unlock password and the online banking login password are both Meiqing’s birthday, the payment password must be inseparable from Meiqing.

However, she really can’t think of any other details!

She thought about Meiqing’s bedroom number and bed number at the time. The system prompts an error again, and prompts that she can try again today. If the error continues, the mobile banking will be locked.

Elaine didn’t dare to try again.

In case of a wrong trial, the mobile banking cannot be logged in today, Jacob finds out that she would be exposed in advance?

Thinking of this, she could only grit her teeth and give up, and put Jacob’s phone back in the distance.

However, she already hated Jacob and gritted her teeth bitterly at this time, ready to find someone, to clean him up, so that he still remembered the fox in his mind!

Ten minutes later, Jacob changed into long trousers and walked out of the bathroom, humming a small song as he walked out.

Elaine had already left the bedroom and was sitting in the living room pretending to watch TV. Jacob returned to the room and hurried to the bed to check his mobile phone.

There is no change in the location of the phone, but the hair on the phone has long been missing.

It seems that the Lady Willson was really trying to unlock phone in secret!

She unlocked mobile phone, she must have only one purpose, money!

Fortunately, he was smart and changed password in advance. Otherwise, if he didn’t watch it for two minutes, the two million might be taken away by Elaine!

Fortunately, Jacob felt that he was right to be more cautious. The unlock password and mobile banking login password used Meiqing’s birthday. As for the payment password, he used the date of the day when he and Meiqing first tasted the forbidden fruit.

Only he and Meiqing knew the date of the latter in the world, so he didn’t worry that Elaine might guess it.

Facts proved that Elaine really couldn’t guess.

However, if Elaine knew about this, she would be able to attack Jacob with a knife on the spot.

Throughout the afternoon, Elaine seemed very worried.

She had been thinking about a way to deal with Jacob and get the money out by the way, but after much deliberation, there was no substantial progress.

In the evening, Charlie made a meal and Claire came back.

As soon as Claire came back, Jacob told her to go to the furniture store next morning.