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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 772 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 772 Start

When Jacob first changed the phone, she arrogantly asked to enter her fingerprint in it so that she could check it at any time. Did this guy delete her fingerprint?

Elaine couldn’t help gritting her teeth.

d*mn, this guy started to beware of her!

Annoyed, Elaine hurriedly tried the unlock code.

Not only did she record fingerprints on Jacob’s mobile phone, she also knew the six-digit unlock code for his mobile phone.

However, after she entered the password she remembered, the phone prompted the password error!

Elaine didn’t believe it, and entered it again, but it was still wrong!

She suddenly became angry!

“d*mn, Jacob, this dog thing! he deleted my fingerprint and changed my password.”

Did he expect to steal his mobile phone to transfer money? Or after getting these two million, he was guarded like a thief?

This is really outrageous!

Elaine was uncomfortable, and tried a few more passwords that Jacob might have set, but what she didn’t expect was that all of these passwords were wrong!

The previous password was the wedding anniversary of the two, but it has been changed.

Try Jacob’s birthday, it’s not right!

Her birthday is not right!

Daughter Claire’s birthday is not right!

Even if Mrs. Willson’s birthday was entered, it still displayed incorrectly!

Elaine began to wonder.

What kind of password will this old thing set?

She was thinking hard, but she couldn’t think of an answer.

Between this sparkle and flint, she suddenly thought of someone!


That school flower of the year! Also Jacob’s first love!

And she is Meiqing’s roommate, and even her “good sister”!

To say that at that time, she was really envious, jealous and hateful to both of them!

At that time, Jacob was handsome and stylish, and had money at home. He was really the Prince Charming in the hearts of many girls.

At that time, Elaine wanted to fix Jacob and marry into his wealthy family, so she didn’t hesitate to have s3x with Jacob while he was drunk while Jacob was in love with Meiqing.

It was with this trick that she angered Meiqing and became the ultimate winner of this battle.

However, Elaine knew in her heart that Jacob had not forgotten Meiqing for many years! He even called Meiqing by the name of Meiqing when he talked in sleep several times! These things were recorded by Jacob on his account book himself!

So, at this moment, she thought, would Jacob’s mobile phone password be Meiqing’s birthday? !

As Meiqing’s best friend at the time, Elaine still remembered her birthday, so she immediately entered Meiqing’s birthday in the mobile phone password input area. Unexpectedly, what made her stunned was it was unlocked!

Elaine was really angry, hated and excited!

Annoyed, hated, of course it is Jacob, an Old Master who has never changed. After so many years, he is still thinking about that d*mn Meiqing!

Excited because she guessed the password correctly. Doesn’t it mean that she can transfer the two million away?

Okay, isn’t this Jacob thinking about his first love?

She will transfer all the money away, and then kick him out of the house!

Anyway, his old lover is in the United States, and he doesn’t have the ability to find her in the future, and she is said to have a very good life, and may not look at him!

“You old dog, just wait for penniless and wandering on the streets.”