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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 770 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 770 Start

Charlie just pretended not to see her eyes, and quickly turned his face again, and said to Jacob: “Dad, this money will be used to buy furniture and home appliances. Buy it as soon as possible. After buying it, we can move in as soon as possible.”

“OK, OK!” Jacob nodded, carefully put the card into his pocket, and asked Charlie: “Good son-in-law, what is the bank card password?”

Charlie said, “I will post it on WeChat later for you.”

“It is good”! Jacob hurriedly said: “Then, I will go to the bank first. You will send me the password. I will transfer the money to my card. This money must be earmarked.”

Charlie nodded, and said: “Then you go first, I’ll send it to you later.”

Elaine was furious.

What does Charlie mean? In front of her own face, he doesn’t even want to say the password. Is this defending himself? What a jerrk!

Charlie was indeed guarding her. Elaine didn’t have any ethics, and she might have secretly taken the money away, so it’s better to be careful.

Jacob got dressed and went out. He received the password from Charlie when he was almost at the bank. After inserting the card in the ATM, he checked the card, and there were indeed two million in the card.

Seeing the actual balance figure on the ATM, Jacob was very surprised.

Charlie is really amazing! If he goes out to show others the feng shui, he will get two million?

If this is a little more of this kind of business, wouldn’t he want to make a fortune?

Astonished, Jacob entered his bank account and transferred all the money in this card to his card.

Afterwards, he took out his mobile phone to check the mobile banking and found that the money had arrived, which was a relief.

When he was walking back, he suddenly received a WeChat message from Charlie. The content of the WeChat message was: “Dad, remember to change the phone unlocking password, mobile banking password, and payment password, otherwise it will easily go wrong!”

This made Jacob admire him even more!

Fortunately, son-in-law reminded him quickly, otherwise he would go back like this. As long as Elaine took a few minutes to get his mobile phone, she must have taken all the money away.

So he did not dare to delay, and hurriedly changed all the passwords, and replaced them with a new password that Elaine could not guess.

When Jacob returned home, Elaine hurried up and asked: “How are husband, is there really two million in bank?”

“Of course!” Jacob said arrogantly: “When did my son-in-law lie to me?”

Elaine asked hurriedly: “Those two million have been transferred to your card?”

“Yeah.” Jacob nodded, not wanting to talk to her, and asked: “Where is Charlie?”

“He went out to buy groceries.”

Jacob let out a cry and said, “I have to call my girl and say, tomorrow morning we will go to the furniture store to see the furniture.”

Elaine hurriedly asked: “Then, after buying the furniture tomorrow, can we move in that day?”

Jacob said irritably, “If you buy so much furniture, you can’t wait for someone to deliver it and install it? It will take two or three days.”

Elaine smiled and said: “My husband knows a lot, I don’t know these doorways. I thought I could live in on the same day you buy it!”

As she said, she hurried over, rubbed Jacob with her body, and said softly: “Husband, my friend and the others called me to go to the beauty salon for a spa, saying that it has a good effect on firming the body and lifting the skin. But I don’t have any money in my hand. Why don’t you transfer seven or eighty thousand to me first?”

“No!” Jacob resolutely refused: “What’s going on at home, do you want to go to the spa? You are not the one who burns the bag!”

Elaine said aggrieved: “Husband, am I not for you too? Do you want me to become a yellow-faced woman?”

Jacob said coldly: “Do you think you used to run to the beauty salon every day, it was not a yellow-faced woman? In my eyes, you have always been a yellow-faced woman!”

Elaine’s expression turned dark, and she blurted out, “Jacob, what do you mean?”

“Literally.” Jacob snorted coldly, and said, “If you are not satisfied with me, we will get a divorce, and it will be over!”