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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 77 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 77 Start

After lunch, the Old Master, Jacob, was already dressed neatly and urged Charlie to say, “Charlie, hurry up and get ready. Drive-in our new car and follow me to Antique Street. There is a new Thompson Dynasty official kiln vase in a store. , I want to see it.”

Charlie couldn’t help but persuade: “Dad, you’re starting to play antiques again now? We don’t have much money at home. Is it not a bit too extravagant to buy antiques?”

Jacob has no ability to make money, but he has a lot of dreams of getting rich. He likes to go shopping in the antique street when he has nothing to do. He wants to pick up a leak in his dreams, but in the past few years, he has basically been cheated.

It stopped for a while before, but he didn’t expect that not only did it not completely stop, but it was revived.

Seeing that Charlie even dared to point to him, Jacob coldly snorted and said, “Don’t talk so much nonsense, just send me over.”

Charlie had no choice but to go against him, so he had to drive Jacob to Antique Street.

Aurous Hill is a famous historical city. It is located on the antique street outside the scenic spot. It is also well-known in China. Antique dealers and shoppers from all over the country gather here.

The local tourism department also took advantage of the trend and spent a lot of money to renovate the Antique Street and turn it into a tourist attraction.

When he arrived at Antique Street, Jacob came to the door of an antique shop and explained to the receptionist that he had an appointment. It was convenient to invite two people to the VIP room at the back to see the goods.

Charlie was about to follow in, but Jacob turned back and said, “Don’t follow in. You can’t understand it even if you come in. Wait for me at the door of the VIP room!”

Charlie nodded: “I know Dad!”

With his hands on his back, Jacob followed the reception staff into the VIP room, and Charlie sat down in the lounge area.

A few minutes later, Charlie suddenly heard a crisp sound coming from the VIP room.

Later, Charlie saw his old father-in-law coming out in a panic.

He still muttered: “It’s over, it’s over! This is over!”

Charlie hurriedly walked to the front and looked behind Jacob. He saw that a tall and thin ceramic bottle had fallen into two on the ground, and there were still many small ceramic fragments on the ground.

Through the fragments, we can vaguely see that the one that was broken should be a Thompson Dynasty jade pot spring bottle.

He had been in the Wade family since he was a child, and he was also very knowledgeable. You can tell at a glance that this bottle is a genuine antique, and it is not a big problem to sell it up to several million in the market.

It seems that Jacob has caused a major disaster this time.

In the VIP room, a middle-aged man said with a dark face: “Mr. Willson, our jade pot spring bottle at least cost five million. Now you have broken it, you must pay the price!”

This person is Liangyun, the manager of Jiqingtang.

Jacob pulled Charlie over, and said in a panic: “This is my rich son-in-law, do you know how much he has? Don’t say just five million, even fifty million is nothing! It’s nothing for him to pay at once. Talk to him! I have something to do, let’s go now!”

After that, Jacob pushed Charlie in, turned his head, and ran out.

Charlie looked dumbfounded, this Old Master is too shameless, this is a clear plan to let him be a scapegoat!

Liangyun looked at Charlie and asked coldly, “This gentleman, a total of 5.38 million is due, are you swiping your card or transferring money?”

Charlie spread his hands: “I have no money.”

He was not unable to afford it but wanted to teach the Old Master a lesson so that he would not be able to come to Antique Street every day.

“No money?” Liangyun gritted his teeth: “You smashed our most precious thing, do you think you can leave without money, just by hiding your assets?”

Charlie said helplessly: “I didn’t want to hide anything, but I really don’t have any money. Besides, I didn’t smash your bottle. Why should you make me pay?”