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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 769 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 769 Start

After dinner, Charlie declined Warnia’s request to send him home, and said goodbye to her and Mr. Song in front of Classic Mansion, and walked to a construction bank near Classic Mansion.

When he came to China Construction Bank, he transferred 998 million from the card that Mr. Song gave him. After the money was transferred to his card, he had only 2 million left. With that card, he returned home.

At home, Jacob and Elaine had just eaten the takeaway.

Seeing him back, Elaine hurriedly stepped forward and asked, “Charlie, how did it go? Have you made any money?”

Charlie nodded and said lightly: “I made a little bit.”

“What’s the point?” Elaine blurted out: “Get all the money out!”

Charlie directly took out his bank card and said: “There are two million in this card.”

“Two million?!” Elaine’s eyes straightened!

Excited, she took the card into her hand and blurted out: “You are not lying to me, right? There are really two million in this card?”

“Right.” Charlie said lightly: “I have checked on the ATM, and it is indeed two million.”

“Great!” Elaine cheered excitedly!

Two million!

Wouldn’t it be that he made up for the large sum of money she lost?

The thought of being able to go to a beauty salon with a friend, make an appointment with a mahjong friend, and even live in Tomson, Elaine was very excited.

She took the bank card in her hand and looked at it carefully for a moment. Only then did she recover and asked: “Does this card have a password?”

Charlie nodded and said: “There is a password, the password is…”

He was about to say what the password was, but Charlie suddenly came back to his senses.

Its not right!

Didn’t Elaine say yesterday that Jacob will be in charge of the money in the future?

Why does she still have the face to ask him for a password?

Thinking of this, Charlie hurriedly turned his face and said to Jacob who was on the side: “Dad, didn’t you say yesterday that you will keep all the money at home in the future?”

Jacob came back to his senses only then, suddenly, right! I am in charge of the money. I should control the two million!

So he hurriedly got up, walked up to Elaine in two steps, and said, “Give me the card.”

Elaine subconsciously hid the card behind her, looked at Jacob cautiously, and asked, “What are you doing?”

Jacob said coldly: “You just said yesterday that I will be in charge of the money, so I must have the card?”

Elaine stammered and said, “I don’t have one. I just want to confirm whether this card is what Charlie said, there are two million.”

After that, she said again: “Honey, to be honest, you are a big man, it is difficult to manage the money in an orderly manner. Or you can see, let me take care of the money in this family, how about it?”

Jacob suddenly became angry and cursed: “Elaine, what you just said last night, you haven’t even passed 24 hours, so you don’t recognize your own words anymore?”

Elaine explained: “Oh, I really didn’t mean that…”

“Then what do you mean?” Jacob said coldly: “I tell you, you don’t want to control money in the future! If you insist on managing money, then we two will go through the divorce procedures immediately!”

Elaine was a little confused at once.

Although she wanted these two million very much, but Charlie didn’t tell her password, it didn’t make much sense to hold the card by herself, and she couldn’t get the money.

So she could only pass the card to Jacob angrily, then turned her head and gave Charlie a vicious look.