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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 767 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 767 Start

Before Charlie arrived at Classic Mansion, the Song family’s statement had spread throughout Aurous Hill, and then spread throughout the upper class of Aurous Hill.

No one thought that the Song family, the first family in Aurous Hill, would openly challenge the Wu family, the first family in the south of the Yangtze River.

This is really a good show to watch.

When Tianming and Honor heard the news, they immediately exploded almost in situ.

What’s wrong with Mr. Song?

Yesterday’s birthday banquet, it doesn’t matter if Mr. Song was angry with Regnar. Everyone is a little unhappy in private, so they can talk about it later if they find a chance.

But now the Old Master openly challenged the Wu family, which is almost equivalent to publicly declaring a complete break with the Wu family, and may even become a mortal enemy!

Both the father and son think, what is the cause of the father’ actions? Even if they want to curry favor with Charlie, there is no need to openly turn face with the Wu family, right? In this case, in the future, the Wu family may fight against the Song family everywhere.

Not only that, if the Old Master is doing this, Warnia and Roger are less likely to be together!

The Wu family was also very angry when they got the news.

Originally, the Wu family was enough to jump around, but now Father Song suddenly said that he would fight to the end with the Song family, which made the current situation of the Wu family even more uncomfortable.

The Wu family’s current affairs were big enough for the Wu family, and suddenly they ran out of the Song family to sing the opposite, which naturally made the Wu family more irritable.

Elder Wu was still lying on the hospital bed. Regnar ordered the whole family not to tell the father of the Song family’s statement. At the same time, he also made a decision to ignore the Song family for the time being and not to respond to the Song family’s statement.

Right now, the majesty of the Wu family has suffered a great deal.

Although it is still the first family in the south of the Yangtze River, the news that it has offended the Wade family of Eastcliff has already caused trouble in the city.

Before, the outside world didn’t know who the Wu family had offended, only that YouTube kept putting cross talks that humiliated their family on the top of the homepage.

Today during the day, after the news of the Wade Family’s acquisition of YouTube came out, the outside world immediately understood that it turned out that the Wu Family had offended the Wade Family!

The families that had a good relationship with the Wu family took the initiative to alienate them at this time, mainly because the Wade family was too strong, and no one wanted to be too close to the Wu family at this time.

As a result, the Wu family suddenly fell into a passive position, and even because many families had to draw a clear line with them, their overall strength was also affected.

At this time, the Wu family had no energy to fight against the Song family, after all, they still had a bigger enemy, Charlie.


Warnia drove to Classic Mansion, and Orvel hurried out to greet her.

Seeing Charlie tall and handsome, Warnia beautiful and generous, Orvel couldn’t help but admire in his heart: This is the appearance of a golden girl and a talented girl! With Miss Song’s beauty and education, looking at the whole country, there may not be anyone who can be compared!

Mr. Orvel respectfully invited Charlie and Warnia to the diamond box. The old and strong Song has been waiting here for a long time.

Seeing Charlie coming in, Mr. Song hurriedly got up and bowed, and said to Charlie: “Mr. Wade, you are here, please move to the main seat!”

Charlie smiled slightly: “Mr. Song, you are the oldest, you should be on the main seat.”

“How did you make it?” Old Song hurriedly said, “Mr. Wade is the real dragon in Song’s eyes, and the main seat naturally belongs to him.”