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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 765 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 765 Start

Early the next morning.

Claire ate early and went to the company.

The Old Master, Jacob, had a dark face all morning, and he was full of gloom when he saw Elaine, and he was too lazy to care about her.

The thought of the family’s savings of more than two million, which caused Elaine to lose completely, and Jacob was furious.

He doesn’t have much money himself, this little money is accumulated by his family for many years.

And the money he earned from dumping antiques has now been wiped out.

Jacob even felt that he should come back out of the world, go to the antique street, pick up a leak, and then find Ervin Jones to sell it.

Elaine seemed a little guilty of conscience when she woke up early in the morning, so she smiled at Jacob, but Jacob still ignored her.

Seeing her hot face pressed her cold a**, Elaine is now not daring to be angry and afraid to speak, so she can only point her finger at Charlie and said angrily: “Hey, Charlie, you are idle at home. Use your feng shui and so on, flicker some money back to buy furniture for the house! Otherwise, how can we move to Tomson?”

Charlie said lightly: “I will try my best.”

Elaine pinched her waist and said, “As far as you can, you have to make money back!”

Jacob said dissatisfiedly: “Why are you bluffing? Charlie made a great contribution to the family. Unlike you, you not only didn’t make a penny, but you spent a lot of money, and even lost money. This family, we All three are positive numbers, and you are the only negative number! And your negative number is very negative, so you cancel out all our positive numbers in one go!”

“You…” Elaine flushed with anger.

She wanted to question Jacob. She was bluffing at Charlie. What does it have to do with him? Jacob is amazing now. Not only does he dare to yell at her and beat her, but also dare to stand up for Charlie?

This lady now, is the one with the lowest status in this family? She thought nothing can work, right?

While Elaine was holding the fire, Charlie’s cell phone rang.

Warnia called.

After the phone was connected, Warnia said respectfully on the other end of the phone: “Mr. Wade, are you busy?”

Charlie smiled slightly: “Nothing is busy, what’s the matter?”

“That’s it.” Warnia said: “Grandpa is very grateful for the Rejuvinatingdan thing. He would like to treat you to a meal. I wonder if you have time?”

Charlie smiled and said, “Didn’t I just ate it yesterday? You want me to have it again today?”

Warnia said: “Yesterday was a birthday banquet. Today I want to invite you to dinner alone. I don’t know if you have time?”

Charlie thought for a while, and asked, “What time?”

Warnia hurriedly said, “It depends on what time is convenient for you.”

Charlie said: “Then at noon.”

“Good!” Warnia said hurriedly: “I asked Mr. Orvel to clear the Classic Mansion in advance and wait for you in the Diamond Box at noon!”

Charlie said, “See you at noon, then.”

“Okay Mr. Wade, see you at noon!”

After hanging up the phone, Charlie said to Elaine and Jacob, “Dad, Mom, I have something to do at noon, and I can’t cook at home. You two should go out to eat or order a takeaway.”

Elaine blurted out, “What is it? Go out to eat or order takeaway? You are so good now, you don’t even make meals?!”

Charlie said lightly: “A client asked me to see Feng Shui. He is a rich boss.”