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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 763 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 763 Start

Seventy people from Suzhou began a carpet search in Aurous Hill.

However, they could not find any clues about Liu Guang and Liu Ming.

In fact, the current Liu Guang family had already drove away from Aurous Hill, and was galloping north in the dark.

It is easy to catch a fish in the washbasin, but it is really difficult to find this fish accurately in the lake!

In the night, Liu Ming was driving, and the luxurious Mercedes-Benz car ran all the way. Liu Guang’s cell phone suddenly rang.

It was Liu Guang’s neighbor who called. The two have a good relationship and often go out to eat, drink and have fun together.

Before Liu Guang left, he called him and asked him to help pay attention to movement. So now he called suddenly, Liu Guang guessed that there should be some movement at home.

Sure enough, as soon as he got on the phone, the other party lowered his voice and said, “Liu Guang, dozens of people came to surround your house just now, and the group of people quietly got in!”

“Several dozens of people?!” Liu Guang exclaimed and blurted out: “What about now?”

“They just came out and left.” The other party said: “It looks like it’s not easy to give up…”

Liu Guang gave a hum and said, “I know Jones, thank you!”

“Why are you polite with me!”

After hanging up the phone, Liu Guang said with a cold face: “Sure enough, the Wu family sent someone to kill us! It is said that they sent dozens of people, sh!t, really ruthless!”

Liu Ming blurted out, “Dad, shouldn’t they find us?”

Liu Guang waved his hand: “Impossible. China is such a big country. Where can he find us? Let’s not stop the car tonight. We will drive directly to Eastcliff Airport. Tomorrow, we will buy the earliest plane and fly directly to Malaysia. When we get there, we will be anonymous. Tian lives in his own manor and is a rich man. The Wu family will never even think of finding us for the rest of their lives!”

Tears burst into Liu Ming’s eyes and said, “Dad, when we go to Malaysia, I don’t have to talk to Orvel at five o’clock every week. We should be able to get rid of the engraved characters on our foreheads?”

“Yes!” Liu Guang touched the dry and solidified scar on his forehead, and said depressedly: “The engraving enmity, I am afraid that there will be no chance to repay…”


The Song family mansion at this time is still a brightly lit scene.

Mr. Song wore a white Tai Chi practice suit and played Tai Chi in the yard against the cold wave.

Although the weather has cooled down and the Old Master is only wearing thin clothes, he does not feel cold at all, but is sweating!

The Old Master’s three sons, several grandsons, and granddaughter all gathered around the courtyard to watch.

Honor became more surprised as he watched. He didn’t expect this Rejuvenation Pill to be so magical. Not only did it make the Old Master younger and his body tougher, but more importantly, even the whole person’s mental outlook was completely different!

Who would dare to imagine that the Old Master who was about to die a few months ago is so lively now!

He has been punching for more than two hours, so he should be tired when he is a young man!

However, he didn’t feel tired at all.

On the contrary, the more he fight, the more vigorous.

This is not a good signal!

If you look at it this way, the Old Master’s body is so hard, it won’t be a big problem for another ten or twenty years.