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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 762 Free Novel

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After that, he rushed forward and punched and kicked the driver!

The driver was beaten and yelled, but he didn’t dare to fight back. He could only stretch out his arms to block. At the end of the block, he couldn’t hold him anymore, and he didn’t care about wiping his butt. He just lifted his pants and ran out.

Wu Qi scolded: “Dog [email protected], let me see where you go! I must interrupt your leg today!”

After speaking, he was about to catch up, and suddenly felt dizzy in brain.

At this moment, Wu Qi wailed in his heart, it was over…

He knew that he had another attack!

Immediately afterwards, Wu Qi lost consciousness for an instant, and his eyes were on the filthy thing left in the toilet by the driver. His eyes lit up, without saying a word, he squatted on the ground and reached out to grab it, grabbing it and gobbled it up. Stuffed all of it in his mouth…

A few people here saw the driver running out of the bathroom with his pants, wondering what was going on. When they went to the bathroom, they saw that Wu Qi was squatting in front of the toilet and having a good meal, all of them vomited.

One of them hurriedly yelled: “Quick, quick, stop the Second Young Mr.. The Second Young Mr. eats a pressure cooker for high-temperature sterilization stuff. He can’t eat this fresh, and will get sick!”

The crowd vomited, and they dragged Wu Qi out of the bathroom.

Wu Qi had a seizure and the six relatives did not recognize him. Seeing that these people prevented him from enjoying the “food”, he immediately yelled: “b*stard, let me go quickly, or I will kill you!”

This opening, the stinking smell is so bad, the key is to spray a group of subordinates with sc*m on their faces, and the disgusting group of subordinates can’t wait to die.

Seeing that something was wrong here, other people hurried up to greet him. A servant who was holding Wu Qi tightly yelled: “Go get the high-voltage cabinet for the young master to sterilize it! Hurry up!”

“Oh oh oh!” The man turned his head quickly and ran back.

Everyone knows that Wu Qi has a seizure, and it is impossible to stop without eating, so he can only quickly get him a sterile “supper” that has been sterilized.

Knowing that Wu Qi had a sudden attack, and was in the bathroom, and ate something left by a driver, Wu’s family suddenly became a mess again.


At this time in Aurous Hill, the mist in the middle of the night is gradually covering the ancient city.

Ten seven-seater commercial vehicles drove quickly into Aurous Hill City and stopped in front of Liu Guang’s house.

These ten cars were full of people and they drove over from Suzhou to take the lives of Liu Guang, Liu Ming.

These seventy people surrounded Liu Guang’s house to death, and when they rushed in, they discovered that the house was empty!

The leader beat his chest and said: “d*mn, the dog and son ran away!”

“Boss, what should we do?!”

The man said distressedly: “If they were at home, they will be slaughtered right now and return to President Wu, but once they are not at home, they may be anywhere! Aurous Hill has a population of millions of people, where are 70 of us going? Looking for it?”

“What should we do then?” The other party asked, “Why don’t you call Mr. Wu first? Otherwise, Mr. Wu feels that we are not doing things badly. If we do something badly, it will be troublesome!”

“Yes!” The headed person immediately called Regnar.

Regnar just dealt with the injury on his knee and waited for the transplant operation after the customized knee joint arrived. He suddenly received a call and immediately connected to question: “Have you killed Liu Guang and Liu Ming, these two dog [email protected]?! “

“Mr. Wu…” the leader said embarrassingly: “Mr. Wu, Liu Guang’s family has already gone out of the building. I took a look. They should have been rushed to pack up and leave. It should have not been too late. For a long time, only two or three hours.”

“d*mn!” When Regnar heard this, he was furious and blurted out: “Find them! Even if you find them at ends of the world, you must get these two [email protected] and kill them for me!”