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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 760 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 760 Start

Roger also knew that grandpa spoiled him since he was a child. When he heard this, he burst into tears, but he still wiped away his tears firmly, saying, “Grandpa, don’t worry about me. I can hold it, but you, definitely Take care of yourself!”

Like Mr. Song, Mr. Wu is also the face of the Wu family.

Moreover, Mr. Wu’s contacts in Aurous Hill are very wide. Many people in business, politics and even the gray world have to give him face. This is not only because of his high qualifications, but also because he has very close and direct relationships with many people. Everyone has been helped by him.

If Elder Wu is gone, these people will certainly not give the Wu family the same face as before. By that time, the Wu family’s influence will inevitably drop a lot.

In addition, Mr. Wu is quite shrewd. He did not hold the power when he was old. He passed the Patriarchy to Regnar early and retreated behind the scenes. In this way, he would not occupy the power of the Wu family for a long time. , And disgusted by descendants

Therefore, the Wu family all hope that the father can live a long and healthy life.

Seeing that the father’s mood stabilized slightly, everyone hurriedly said goodbye.

Once out of the surveillance ward, Regnar confessed to his brother Dongjiang, saying: “Dongjiang, you go and tell everyone in the family, including servants and drivers, to never have a notifications section on the phone. Otherwise, if he finds out, it won’t look good!”

“Okay brother!” Dongjiang nodded hurriedly, and then said: “Brother, you and Roger’s legs must be treated quickly, the doctor is already waiting!”

Regnar and Roger’s legs have not yet been treated, and the family doctor is waiting for them to be treated.

However, after a doctor’s examination, they found that the knees of the Regnar and his son had been completely broken and there was no possibility of recovery.

So he said to the two of them: “Mr. Wu, young master, the situation of the knee is not optimistic now. I think the best solution is to order an artificial knee joint and then perform an operation for replacement.”

Regnar hurriedly asked: “How much influence will the artificial knee joint have?”

The doctor said: “After all, it won’t be natural, and will be a little uncomfortable at least, but at least you will not be lame, you can bend, stand, walk, and at most a little lame and cannot run.”

Regnar’s expression was indifferent.

This result is in line with his psychological expectations, and his idea is still realistic, as long as he doesn’t really become a cripple with a broken leg.

Roger was very sad and cried, “Dad, I’m only in my twenties, and I don’t want to be a lame!”

Regnar patted him on the shoulder, and said earnestly: “Son, you are in your twenties, and you have to learn to face the reality. It is difficult for your knees to return to their original state. This is not a question of money, but the level of medical care. The question, what can you do if you don’t want it? You should think about it a little bit and focus on how to get revenge.”

“Vengeance…” Roger blurted out: “Yes! we must take revenge! we must smash that Charlie’s body! Then take Warnia over to marry! Even if she disagrees, use a gun forcing her to marry!”

Regnar nodded with a cold face, and said, “I have already thought about it. This Charlie has extraordinary strength, and is supported by many people from the Song family and Aurous Hill. If you want to kill him, you must not be impatient, and you have to plan to move. Slowly!”

Roger hurriedly asked: “Dad, do you have any good solutions?”

Regnar said: “Our previous problem was that we underestimated the enemy, were too aggressive, and we rushed out without knowing the opponent, so we suffered a big loss. This time, I am going to first understand from the outside and figure out what forces Charlie has. How strong, and how many enemies he has, and then touch his weaknesses to figure out all of these. We are targeting and prescribing the right medicine. We must make him unable to resist!”