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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 759 Free Novel

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At this time, the Old Master of the Wu family was already lying in the intensive care unit of his mansion.

Important indicators such as electrocardiogram, blood pressure, and blood oxygen are monitored all the time. In order to prevent the Old Master’s body from getting worse, he even is specially infused nutrient solution and inhaled oxygen.

The video on YouTube really irritated Mr. Wu. In addition, he was old and his anti-strike ability was not so strong, so he caught it all at once, almost out of breath for a myocardial infarction.

When Regnar brought Roger, Wu Qi, and his younger brother Dongjiang to the intensive care unit, the Old Master was lying in bed angrily cursing.

“Two filthy dog things, dare to humiliate my Wu family openly, really d*mn it! If you don’t kill these two dog things, my Wu family will definitely be laughed at in Aurous Hill all the year round! The majesty of my first family in Aurous Hill is also There will be nothing left!”

Regnar called the courage when he saw the Old Master’s heart rate, he limped forward and blurted out: “Dad! You are like this, so don’t get angry!”

“You rubbish!” When Mr. Wu saw Regnar, he scolded, “I asked you to go to Aurous Hill to find out who harmed Wu Qi. It’s good for you. You shamed Wu family’s face!”

Regnar said dejectedly: “Dad, this time I went to Aurous Hill, it was too far from what I expected. I never thought that someone in Aurous Hill could use their own efforts to abolish Jones Zizhou and the five others; I didn’t expect to accidentally offend Wade’s Home, being completely crushed by the Wade Family, I can’t help it…”

As he said, he pointed to his right leg, and pointed to the right leg of his son Roger, and said sadly, “Dad, both of my legs and Roger’s legs have been scrapped, and Roger’s hands have been scrapped. You really think I want to do this to myself? It’s just that we really can’t afford to offend the Wade Family in Eastcliff. Even if the Wade Family takes the lives of us father and son, we will not be able to resist!”

Elder Wu gave a cold snort and said, “If I didn’t think you had been injured, I would have gotten up and beat you personally!”

Regnar could only knelt on the ground with a puff, and said ashamed: “Dad! It is Regnar who is not doing things badly. I lost the face of the Wu family. Please punish me!”

Old Master Wu said with a black face: “I ask you, are those two [email protected] killed?”

“Not yet.” Regnar said hurriedly: “I have arranged for someone to go there. I believe they can find them soon and kill them!”

Elder Wu said: “After they are killed, the media must report the deaths of these two people, so that the whole Aurous Hill must know, offending the Wu family’s fate!”

Regnar nodded quickly: “Don’t worry, Dad, I will definitely get this thing done!”

Elder Wu asked again: “Did you delete the video on YouTube?”

“Deleted…” Regnar didn’t dare to say that YouTube had been bought by the Wade family, for fear that the Old Master would get angry.

Elder Wu gave a hum and said, “Remember what I said, I want those two [email protected] to die! Within 24 hours, they must die!”

Regnar hurriedly said, “Don’t worry, Dad, I will do as you ordered!”

Elder Wu’s expression eased a little, looking at Roger, he said distressedly: “Roger, this time you went to Aurous Hill, you have suffered.”

It is not Regnar or his brother Dongjiang that the Old Master loves most, but his eldest grandson Roger.

Seeing Roger’s current tragic situation, he was really distressed deep in his heart.