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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 756 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 756 Start

At this time, Claire was also about to collapse.

On the one hand, her father is about to divorce, and mother is about to commit suicide. In the meantime, mother can still have a big quarrel on the balcony with a person who’s voice she can only hear and does not know who it is, and the quarrel is so unbearable…

Jacob was also a little flustered.

He knew that Elaine’s fighting power was fierce, but he didn’t expect her to be so fierce…

If he insists on divorcing her, will she stay in front of him for the rest of his life and curse?

What is the difference between such a life and h*ll?

Thinking of this, Jacob sighed in his heart, secretly thinking that today’s marriage might not be possible.

Even if he can leave, Old Willson still dare not leave in his heart…

After Elaine cursed the street on the balcony and victoriously opened the flag, he wanted to open it too.

After thinking for a few minutes on the balcony, she climbed down again, patted the dust on her body, walked back to the house and said to Jacob, “Jacob, you can get a divorce, and the house belongs to me. Give me 50,000 a month for living expenses. , You are not allowed to move to Tomson with us, you will leave the house alone and find a way to live by yourself!”

Jacob was mad and blurted: “Why? You are the sinner in this family! It is you, not me, who should go out of the house!”

Elaine sternly said: “Want to drive me away? There are no doors! I definitely won’t leave. By then, I will live in the villa of Tomson’s!”

“Why are you so shameless!” Jacob is going crazy, what’s the matter? Just now, the initiative was still in his own hands, why would he be eaten by Elaine again when he turned his face?

Elaine gave it up right now and said disdainfully: “I’m just shameless! What can you do? I tell you, if you want to divorce me, then I won’t make you feel better. The Lady Willson is not afraid of wearing shoes. If you don’t believe me, try it!”

“You…” Jacob’s aggrieved tears rolled in his eyes.

Charlie couldn’t help sighing when he saw this.

It seems that Jacob has lost again in this wave.

The key is that the loser is uncomfortable!

Seeing Jacob’s fierce attack, he was about to push up the opponent’s high ground and hit the road. In the end, he did not expect that the opponent would directly rise up, rush to tear down his base, and complete a beautiful counter-kill… .

Loss! Lost to grandma’s house…

Charlie couldn’t help feeling extremely sorry.

Jacob was really persuaded at this time. He didn’t know what to do at once, and he was in a dilemma.

Get a divorce, it may be a real clean-up, and this Lady Willson may be like a dog, chasing him and biting for the rest of his life;

Let’s not leave, this is really uncomfortable, and the desire to die is all there…

At this moment, Claire hurriedly opened the mouth to complete the battle, saying: “Mom and dad, don’t quarrel with you. The past is over. Can’t we live a good life in the future? You both step back, and mom will not worry about the money, and play less mahjong. Dad, you manage the money, but don’t talk about the previous things.”

Jacob said with a sad face, “I will be in charge of the money in the future? Where is the money from this family you want me control…”