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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 753 Free Novel

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The voice of Jacob shocked Elaine immediately!

At this moment, she couldn’t continue to conceal it, so she could only vainly said: “Husband, I’m sorry, I have lost aall the family money while playign cards. I am sorry…”

She didn’t dare to say that she was calculated by Horiyah, because the Willson family is still frantically looking for Horiyah. If she tells the truth and spreads it out, the Willson family probably will come soon.

She didn’t think about Charlie. The main reason was that she didn’t want to cause trouble for herself. After all, Orvel sent all those people to the black coal mine at the time. These people are all missing now. If it is found out, it will be impossible. Well, she must be implicated.

So she can only say that the money was lost by her own card game, but there is no way to say that she was deceived by Horiyah’s design.

When Jacob heard that she had lost more than two million in card games, his anger went wild. He could not control it, and he slapped Elaine’s face with a sharp sound, yelling: “Did you lose more than two million? You prodigal wife, do you know how many year’s savings these are!”

Elaine married Jacob for so many years, this is the first time he has been beaten. A slap relentlessly and vigorously came over, directly damaging Elaine!

Elaine held her face for a while, then suddenly furious, cursing: “Jacob! Do you dare to hit me?!”

“Hit you?!” Jacob gritted his teeth and said, “It’s easy to hit you!”

After speaking, he raised his hand and slapped her again!

This time Jacob was really furious, so he grabbed Elaine’s hair, pointed it at her face and snapped his bow left and right. He cursed at the same time: “You just bet and bet! You made our family work hard. You lost all the money. Not only will I kill you, I will divorce you!”

Claire looked silly, and hurriedly wanted to come up to the fight, but Jacob said, “No one will stop me today. Not only will I kill this stinky lady, I must completely draw a line with her!”

Elaine had already been drawn blood all over her face at this time, and her lungs were about to explode, but when she heard this, she suddenly panicked!

Based on her understanding of Jacob, she knew very well that Jacob was really angry!

A person who rarely gets angry, if suddenly gets angry, then there is no doubt that he must be really very angry!

He wants to divorce her now, will she not be helpless in the future? !

At this time, Elaine was unwilling to divorce 10,000 reasons, so being slapped she can only endure!

So she cried and said, “My husband, I am wrong…I am wrong my husband… Please forgive me!”

As she said, she knelt on the ground as soon as her legs softened, hugged Jacob’s legs, and cried, “Husband, I didn’t want to lose so much money in a card game, but I was so obsessed with my heart. When, so all the money was lost, I beg you to forgive me, I really know I was wrong!”

“You know it’s wrong?” Jacob gritted his teeth and said, “You know it’s wrong. Why didn’t you tell me about the money loss? You know it was wrong. Why did you just cross me with it? Do you think you lost all your money? Let me see the account balance, this matter can pass?! Do you think you can kneel down on my knees and beg me to forgive you now? I tell you Elaine, you are dreaming! Today’s marriage, I’m leaving! I’ll go to the Civil Affairs Bureau to go through the divorce procedures tomorrow morning, and I will make a clean break with you from now on!”

When Claire heard this, she couldn’t bear it. As a child, how could she be willing to see her parents divorce?