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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 752 Free Novel

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As he said, Jacob observed at Elaine again, and said, “The two million cash is left to you for safekeeping. Then I will directly sue the court and ask to divide the half. If you can’t take it out, you will be legally responsible!”

“You…” Elaine really didn’t expect that Jacob, an old fellow, would be so cruel!

Divorce her and divide the property? If he really sues her, what can she do?

She is old now and have no money. If she is really divorced, so what good days does she have?

When she thought of this, Elaine was a little confused.

She softened hurriedly and said: “Oh my husband, why are you so angry! We two walked over in the wind and rain for more than 20 years, are you worthy of turning your face with me at this time?”

Jacob said seriously: “I just want to know how much money is left in the family. If you refuse to disclose, then I will divorce you tomorrow!”

In fact, Jacob had been fed up with Elaine for a long time.

It can even be said that he didn’t like Elaine at all back then!

He was in love with Meiqing, the school flower of the year, and Elaine got involved as the third party. He was been ignoring Elaine. That’s why Elaine thought of the shameless trick. First she got drunk and had a relationship with him. Told Meiqing and make her break up with him in pain.

It was also because Elaine was lucky and became pregnant at that time, so she used the child to force Jacob to marry her.

Jacob lost Meiqing at the time and was hit hard. When he thought that Elaine was pregnant with his child, he chose to marry Elaine for the sake of the child, and then he had a sad marriage life for more than two decades.

Originally, Jacob had already accepted his fate. What happens if he divorced her? So he didn’t touch this thought.

When the classmates reunion last time, he was a little shaken when he was so ridiculed by everyone.

Today, Elaine behaved so abnormally, so violently, arrogantly, and unreasonably. He has completely given up his mind. Now he can’t wait to divorce her and get rid of this woman!

Elaine was really panicked at this time.

She has been bullying Jacob for so many years, Jacob can bear it, and has never been so resolute or tough, so it can be seen that she really made him anxious!

Although Elaine is pungent, she is actually a paper tiger.

When she yelled, if the other party slapped her, she would be honest immediately;

But if others showed a little fear, she immediately rushed to bite them and tear them down.

So, seeing Jacob really angry, she was really scared.

Claire also said at this time: “Mom, although money matters are yours, both dad and I are qualified and have the right to know the financial situation of the family. Since dad wants to see the specific balance, you can open the mobile banking app and let him see!”

Elaine bit her lip, the line of defense in her heart has completely collapsed.

She looked at Jacob dodgingly, and gathered the courage to whisper: “The money…there is no more…”

“What did you say?” Jacob suddenly exploded, and blurted out: “There is no money?! More than two million, no more?!”