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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 75 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 75 Start

The man grinned, squeezed Lili’s face, and asked, “Now you are my woman, and you are still going to be with him? Zhao Dong’s woman, must not allow other men to get involved!”

Lili hurriedly said, “Don’t worry, Dong, I haven’t let him touch me since we were together. I think he is dirty! My body will always be always Dong’s only, and it’s only used to serve Dong. Brother, you are alone!”

Then, she explained: “Actually, I wanted to break up with him immediately after the restaurant opened, but I didn’t expect that a classmate this guy knew was a bit capable and helped him fix the troubles in the development zone. Scar, I want to wait for the business to stabilize before telling him to break up and kick him out of the restaurant.”

Zhao Dong laughed and said, “It’s just a scar, what’s the deal? If you told me earlier, I can ask his eldest brother to apologize to you with just one call.”

Lili smiled and said, “Oh, you’re still good at it Dong! At that time, it was urgent, I didn’t care to call you, and Stephen was also there, I’m afraid you will be unhappy if you meet him!”

Zhao Dong pinched her waist and said with a smile: “You are quite sensible!”

Lili hurriedly rubbed her arm in front of her and said, “Dong, are you willing to buy a BMW x6 for someone else?”

Zhao Dong smiled and said, “So, later, we will go to my house and let you feed several times. Then you will break up with that pauper, and I will buy you a BMW x6 tomorrow!”

Lili asked in surprise: “Dong, is what you said is true? Will you really buy me x6 tomorrow?”

“When did I lie to you?” Zhao Dong grinned and said, “However, you have to serve me well before you can drive it!”

Lili immediately winked and said, “Don’t worry, Dong, I will take care of you when I get to your house later!”

The two said, turned around, and left the 4s shop.

Charlie was very annoyed at a couple of dogs, and immediately took out his mobile phone and called Stephen.

As soon as Stephen answered the phone, he immediately said excitedly: “Charlie, how are you doing? Why do you think of calling me?”

Charlie said lightly: “Call to greet you, what are you up to now?”

Stephen said: “I’m helping out at the back kitchen of the restaurant. It’s not fast at noon, and it’s about to be served, so I’ll help.”

Charlie asked: “Are you busy in the hotel every day?”

Stephen said: “Yes, the restaurant has just opened, and there are many things. Besides, more than half of the money in this restaurant is from Lili’s father. If I don’t work harder, they will look down upon them.”

Charlie asked again: “How much did you pay?”

“I gave out one hundred thousand. This is all my savings since graduating from university.”

Charlie continued to ask: “Who is the owner of the restaurant?”

Stephen said: “It’s me!”

Charlie asked: “Is your name written in the industrial and commercial registration?”

Stephen said: “That’s not the case. The industrial and commercial registration is in Lili’s father’s name. Lili and I are not married yet. Since they paid the money, it wasn’t appropriate to write my name on the paper.”

After speaking, Stephen said again: “But her father said that after we get married, he will shift the ownership of the hotel to me.”

Charlie shook his head as he listened, this fool, I don’t know if he has been used!

Lili treated him like a cow, a horse, and as a slave, and asked him to work in the hotel business in the development zone. She went out to steal people by herself, and got together with rich men, and planned to kick him out.

Now the hotel has nothing to do with Stephen in the business registration. Once Lili turns her face, he can only go out of the house!

When the time comes, not only will everything be in vain, but his own 100,000 will also vanish!

Thinking of this, he felt even more disgusted with Lili and asked Stephen directly: “Why did Lili go out now?”