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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 749 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 749 Start

When Jacob asked about the villa, he actually wanted to help Charlie.

He knew his wife’s temperament and personality, plus she had recently taken gunpowder, so Jacob was also afraid that she would catch Charlie, and kept sarcasm at him.

In Jacob’s eyes, his son-in-law is really saving his life time and time again, so he now treats Charlie as a son-in-law, a real one.

In addition, as the saying goes, a son-in-law is half a son, so when he saw Charlie being scolded, he even felt sorry for his son-in-law.

However, when he asked about the villa, Elaine’s attention was suddenly attracted!

She looked at Charlie and blurted out: “Yeah, when will the villa be renovated and when we can move in? When I move in, I will leave a separate room with a mahjong machine so that it can be occupied by my friends. , I asked my friend to play Mahjong in my villa!”

Charlie thought to himself, playing mahjong? Do you have money to lose? Living in a large villa worth more than 100 million, you find someone to come to your house to play mahjong, and then you can’t afford to lose two thousands. Are you not ashamed?

However, he certainly couldn’t say this directly to his mother-in-law, that is, he just mocked her in his heart.

Thinking of this, Charlie didn’t bother to be familiar with his mother-in-law, and said lightly: “I saw Solmon White today. He said that the villa is basically covered, but furniture and appliances are missing. If we want to move in, we can buy some furniture. Put home appliances in, and then can move.”

“Great!” Jacob was very happy when he heard that the villa could be available to live in.

Elaine on the side was also very excited, haha ​​laughed and said, “Okay, okay, okay! I’m finally getting rid of this broken house!”

With that, she suddenly recovered.

Buy furniture and appliances? !

What the h*ll!

Didn’t the villa have any furniture or appliances? !

All the money made Charlie donate the Hope Project, so what kind of purchase can they get? !

Thinking of this, Elaine’s expression immediately became ugly, and she said coldly: “That Solmon White is too much, so expensive villas are given away, furniture and appliances are not provided, let us buy it ourselves?! Why so miser! “

When Claire heard this, she reluctantly said: “Oh, mom, why are you like this? People gifted a villa worth more than 100 million, are you still not satisfied?”

Charlie immediately understood Elaine’s desperate look.

The mother-in-law must be afraid that Claire and Jacob will know that she has no money!

Therefore, Charlie deliberately said: “Mom, what Solmon White gave was a villa, not furniture and appliances. Besides, this furniture and appliances should be selected according to personal preference. If they give it to you, if you don’t like it, there will be so many troubles. Where to put the furniture?”

Elaine made a strong argument: “Why don’t I like the gift? As long as it is free, I like it!”

Jacob took the conversation and said, “Oh, it’s okay for us to buy the furniture we like. Tomorrow, we will go to the furniture store and take a look. If we have any furniture we like, we don’t need the money. Ah, after all, we still have more than two million in our family. Buying some good furniture and home appliances can not use more than one million at most.”

Elaine panicked suddenly and blurted out: “What to buy? Don’t buy it! Let that Solmon White give it to us!”

After she finished speaking, she said to Charlie annoyed: “You call that Solmon White, what the h*ll are you doing? The car is delivered, how can you drive it without adding a tank of gas? Let him be matched and we will move past!”

Charlie deliberately said: “Mom, this is not possible. Mr. White regrets that he should not give such an expensive villa. He told me in the past two days that he wanted to change to a smaller and more partial villa for me.”