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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 748 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 748 Start

After speaking, Charlie said again: “So you see, Miss Song, how can she look at rag like me?”

Claire couldn’t help saying: “But…but I think she really respects you! She took the initiative to get off the car and open the door for you!”

Charlie snorted and said: “She respects me because her grandfather believes in me. Her grandfather is getting older and he believes in Feng Shui fortune and fate more and more, and I am the one he trusts, so he respects me. Naturally, his granddaughter should be polite to me too. If she neglects me, her grandfather will blame her.

Claire nodded slightly.

Charlie’s explanation seemed to be believable.

Everything can be said and explained.

Thinking of this, she dispelled a lot of doubts in her heart.

In fact, she was in a bad mood all day today.

When shopping with Elsa, she also seemed a little uninterested and worried.

The main reason was that she always felt that Warnia seemed to really mean something to Charlie.

Otherwise, a woman has the strongest sixth sense!

She just looked from a distance and felt that Warnia seemed to like Charlie.

And it really made her guess right!

Fortunately, Charlie’s brain reacted quickly, and he immediately delat with her doubts in her heart.

In fact, Charlie knows Warnia’s affection for him deep in his heart.

He is not a fool either, he also feels many things, he can see that Warnia must have a heart for him, and this intention is very strong.

Of course, he didn’t have any thoughts of betraying Claire, so to Warnia, he had always pretended to be stupid, pretending to be confused.

Fortunately, Warnia was more graceful and restrained, and did not take the initiative to express her feelings to him, so she gave him space to pretend to be confused.

At this time, Claire felt much more relieved and said, “You, don’t interact too closely with these upper-class people in the future. When they believe you, they will hold you, and when they don’t believe you, they will throw you away. If they lose you, if they really want to throw you, you are likely to suffer a big loss.”

Charlie nodded hurriedly and said seriously: “My wife, don’t worry, I will try to keep my distance from them in the future.”

Seeing his sincere attitude, Claire was a little relieved.

At this time, the mother-in-law Elaine came over with her mobile phone and muttered impatiently to Charlie: “Can’t you still eat? You run out every day without a sh!t, and everything about grocery shopping and cooking is delayed! Me and your dad I’ve been waiting hungry for a long time!”

Charlie hurriedly said: “Mom, there is something wrong today, but you can rest assured that I will not delay buying vegetables and cooking in the future.”

“You better remember what you said!” Elaine snorted coldly, her face full of discomfort.

In fact, she had always resented Charlie for what he asked Lian to donate the money last time.

There were two million in it that belonged to her, but now it was completely lost.

She has no money now, and can’t go out and play with the old sisters. She can only stay at home by herself every day to make her sulking, so Charlie is even more unpleasant.

At this time, Jacob walked over and suddenly asked, “By the way, Charlie, when will our Tomson first-class villa be finished?”