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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 744 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 744 Start

Even though the Wu family’s assets are around 200 billion, the proportion of cash is actually not so much, at most less than 10 billion.

A family is like a family. If a family has 2 million assets, it does not mean that they have 2 million cash. The house may be worth 1.3 million, a car worth 200,000, and Miscellaneous other things are worth two hundred thousand, and finally there are two hundred thousand in cash.

With so many assets and cash, there are only two million.

Therefore, the Wu family has a net worth of 200 billion, and the real cash proportion is not much.

If they were to buy YouTube for 85 billion, they would have to sell nearly half of their assets.

However, the Wade family is different.

No one knows exactly how much assets and cash the Wade family has. In short, they bought things with a lot of money.

The imperial group of 100 billion, buy it when they say buy; the notifications section of 85 billion, buy it when they say it!

Regnar was a little frightened in his heart. The Wade family was so willing to spend the capital to deal with the Wu family. Could it be that they were going to fight the Wu family to the end?

If this is the case, wouldn’t the Wu family want to be cool?

Just as he was panicking, there was a roar from far and near in the sky.

The helicopter arranged by his father is here.

This is a heavy civilian helicopter with a large fuselage that can accommodate at least ten people. This time, not only will Regnar and his son be taken away, but also Jones Zizhou’s five wastes will be taken away.

Regnar saw that the helicopter had hovered over his head and was slowly descending, his flustered heart eased slightly.

For him, it is more important that nothing goes home now.

For big things, he can wait to go home before slowly discussing solutions.

At this moment, Issac stepped out of the Shangri-La Hotel.

Behind him were dozens of black-clothed bodyguards, with a murderous look on their faces.

Regnar trembled for a while when he saw this scene.

He originally thought that the Wade family might not really want to rip apart with the Wu family, it was likely that Issac was good at making opinions.

However, the news that the Wade Family bought YouTube directly made him realize that this was not Issac’s advocacy, but that the entire Wade Family was targeting the Wu Family!

That’s why he was flustered, limped up to meet him, nodded and bowed his head and said, “Mr. Issac, we will get out of here. It won’t delay you too long. Please forgive me, and I ask you to talk to the Wade family. To say a few good things, thousands of mistakes are all the fault of the Wu family. The Wu family will definitely go to Eastcliff to apologize in a few days. I also ask the Wade family to have a lot of them. Don’t be familiar with our kind of rag family… ..”

Regnar is really scared.

In order to use a video to humiliate the Wu family, the Wade family can buy YouTube for 85 billion. If the Wade family really wants to kill the Wu family, they don’t know what terrifying power they will use!

Issac looked at Regnar coldly at this time, and said contemptuously: “Just you, are you worthy to go to the Wade family to make an apology? Don’t look at what you count as a thing!”

Regnar’s face suddenly flushed red!

Yes, I don’t deserve to visit Wade’s house…

At this time, Issac yelled in a cold voice: “Let your helicopter roll [email protected] from me, don’t fall on my Shangri-La site, otherwise, I will have your helicopter dismantled, and then you and your son’s other working limbs!”