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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 743 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 743 Start

Just when Regnar finally breathed a sigh of relief because YouTube’s video was deleted, he never dreamed that YouTube had already completed the transaction with Wade’s in Eastcliff.

Eastcliff Wade’s acquired YouTube local operations wholly-owned by RMB 85 billion.

Before this news was released, the Wade family had already begun to take over YouTube’s operations.

The first thing they did was to restore Liu Ming’s deleted account, as well as the deleted hot video.

Immediately afterwards, the technicians through the setting, let all the notifications section users across the country, the first time they turn on the notifications section, they will see this cross talk directly on the home screen!

Regnar didn’t know that things had changed a hundred and eighty degrees. When he was waiting for the helicopter to come over, he suddenly received another call from Wu Qi.

Wu Qi yelled in panic on the phone: “Dad, what’s going on, why are all the cross talks when the notifications section is turned on?! Now the number of likes has exceeded two million, I asked many people, their steep When the sound is turned on, it is the cross talk!”

“What?!” Regnar exclaimed suddenly and blurted out: “Are you sure? I just spent 70 million to solve this problem, there is no reason to come up again!”

Wu Qi said confidently: “Of course I’m sure. I saw it myself. As long as you turn on the notifications section, it’s that section. I also asked several people that their notifications section is like this. Dad, what should I do now… ….”

Regnar said with a black face, “Let me see what is going on!”

After speaking, he immediately hung up and asked Roger to turn on YouTube.


As soon as YouTube is turned on, it is the crosstalk by Liu Guang and Liu Ming by default!

He was so angry that he immediately called the person who was in crisis public relations, and blurted out: “Xuwen, are you playing me so much? How come the video is released again?! And all users will see it by default! “

The other party said embarrassingly: “Oh, Mr. Wu, I just received the news. You can’t blame me for this. The main reason is that Eastcliff Wade’s family just bought YouTube and paid 85 billion in cash. The other party did not hesitate. They just sold it…”

“What are you talking about?!” Regnar went crazy and exclaimed: “The Wade family bought YouTube whole?”

“That’s right!” Xuwen said embarrassingly, “Just now, they contacted YouTube’s boss directly and quoted a cash purchase price for the local operations. The other party agreed without hesitation. You know, the world recently The economy is not so good. The entrepreneurs who start their own businesses want to get rid of their hands and realize it. At such a high price, they are paid directly in one lump sum, and there is no resistance at all…”

As he said, the other party hurriedly said: “Old Wu, don’t be angry, the 70 million, I will leave it as it is, and I will immediately let the finance call you back! This time I’m really sorry, brother, I can do nothing!”

Regnar was shocked!

What is the Wade Family’s purpose?

So how can a big family smash with a small character like himself?

He didn’t offend the Wade family much! It’s nothing more than five of his dogs, who injured Wade’s servants in Shangri-La. Is it necessary to revenge so frantically?

In order to make a fool of him, even bought YouTube directly? !

At this moment, Regnar still didn’t want to believe that Charlie’s son-in-law would have anything to do with Eastcliff Wade family.

In his mind, he instinctively felt that these were completely two things.

One is that he offended Charlie, Charlie injured his subordinates, and recorded a cross talk between Liu Guang and Liu Ming;

One was that his subordinates offended the Wade family, and the Wade family protected their calves. Starting from Issac to Wade family, they began to have trouble with them.

It must be a coincidence that these two incidents collided together. It should be that the Wade family saw this video and wanted to use this video to humiliate the Wu family, but found out that they had deleted the video by crisis PR, so they simply put it up again by buying the local YouTube operations.

Eighty-five billion in cash, onlly they can take it, this boldness is indeed a top big family!