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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 740 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 740 Start

At this moment, Wu Qi, who had been at Regnar’s home, suddenly called Regnar.

At this time, he had just finished eating and had just regained his senses. Regardless of the stench in his mouth, he hurriedly called his father Regnar.

Regnar didn’t expect the younger son to call him.

After all, he has been very depressed during this period of time. Every time he finishes eating, he wants to die and commit suicide. The whole person is very decadent. No one wants to see or talk.

Don’t know why he is calling him at this time?

Could it be that he heard about what happened to his eldest son and called to comfort me?

Thinking of this, Regnar felt somewhat relieved.

But after the call was connected, he heard Wu Qi’s extremely flustered voice: “Dad! It’s not good! Grandpa had a heart attack just now!”

“What?!” Regnar blurted out, “What’s the matter? When I was talking on the phone with your grandpa just now, his voice sounded fine!”

Wu Qi said: “Just now, a friend of my grandfather called and asked him to watch a video on YouTube, and I showed it to him. As a result, he suffered a heart attack after watching it! Now the medical team at home is trying to rescue him. Fortunately, there is no danger to life”

“YouTube video? What video?!” Regnar said anxiously: “What kind of YouTube is the Old Master watching? Is he scared by the horror videos above?”

“No…” Wu Qi blurted out: “There is a pair of father and son with lettering on their foreheads. They said that a cross talk was sent to YouTube!”

“Crosstalk?!” Regnar didn’t understand even more.

Then he suddenly asked: “What did you just say, lettering on forehead?”

“Yes!” Wu Qi said hurriedly: “They introduced themselves, and said one was called Liu Guang and the other was Liu Ming!”

Regnar is even more surprised!

What happened to these two father and son?

Yes indeed!

When he saw that Jones Zizhou and the others had become useless and had their foreheads engraved on them, he was shocked that they were not enough, and completely forgot about Liu Guang and his son.

Where did these two go?

Said the cross talk went?

So, he asked in amazement: “What did these two talk about cross talk? How could you have your grandpa’s heart attack?”

Wu Qi said: “He probably watched a little bit. Their cross talk is all about scolding our family. The scolding is really terrible! They not only tease me about eating sh!t, they also tease you and my brother. With my mother and my grandpa!”

“f*ck!” Regnar was furious, and scolded: “The father and son are guilty of having a bear heart and a leopard! Dare to take our Wu family for fun?!”

After speaking, he immediately said to Roger: “Quickly open YouTube and search for Liu Guang Liu Ming’s cross talk video!”

Roger was very surprised. He didn’t know why his father wanted to watch YouTube suddenly, let alone why Liu Guang, Liu Ming would talk about cross talk on YouTube.

However, he obediently took out his phone, turned on YouTube, searched Liu Guang and Liu Ming, and suddenly came out with a video that had been liked more than a million times!

He subconsciously clicked on it, and the voices of Liu Guang, Liu Ming came out.

Regnar also hurried over to listen. It didn’t matter if he heard it, the expressions of the father and son were getting more and more ugly!

Halfway through hearing this, Regnar hated him, and almost wanted to take a knife himself and cut Liu Guang, Liu Ming thousands of times!

Do not!

Thousands of knives can’t solve the hatred in his heart!