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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 738 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 738 Start

Regnar trembled all over, turned around, and asked nervously, “Mr. Issac, what do you want to say?”

Issac pointed to Jones Zizhou and other five people lying on the ground, and said coldly: “You two, drag out these five dead dogs, don’t dirty my Shangri-La place!”

“I…” Regnar was anxious, almost vomiting blood!

After a while, he came back to his senses and blurted out: “Mr. Charlie, these five people have nothing to do with the Wu family anymore, you can do what you want to do at will! You want to kill or smash them, it is up to you!”

Issac said coldly: “Did you forget what I just said? These five people have works of art on their foreheads. You take them back to Wu’s house, wait on them and let them live well, and you must not let them die. , Let alone remove the artwork on their foreheads, understand?”


Regnar looked at Jones Zizhou and the five of them with resentment. Every word on the forehead of these five people was like a sharp knife, slamming his heart!

Now, Issac actually asked him to take these five people home to serve?

This is really too humiliating!

However, he did not dare to have the slightest temper.

What can’t humiliate him?

What should be received, still have to be received!

It seems that at the moment he can only deal with himself first, taking these five people away and taking them back to Suzhou, and then let them evaporate!

Just as thinking about this, Issac said again: “Yes, I forgot to remind you, these five people are to be taken home, you must take good care of them, and you will send them to Aurous Hill by special plane every once in a while for my inspection. I want the life of one of your sons; if two of these people die, I want the life of a pair of your sons; if three people die, your dog’s life is mine!”

Regnar’s body trembled violently with anger!

This…this is sh!t riding on the neck!

What exactly does Issac have against Wu family?

Why does he want to humiliate him in such an extremely insulting way?

However, how dare he say a word to Issac?

So he could only cry and nod: “Mr. Charlie, what you say is what I do…”

Issac was satisfied and said coldly: “Okay, you two, get out with them behind your back!”

Regnar begged: “Mr. Issac, I broke my leg, my son also broke his leg, and he also broke his hand earlier today. We two are disabled people, how can we carry these five people on our backs… .. Please forgive us, or please arrange some of your subordinates to help us carry them out…”

Issac asked coldly: “If you don’t carry them. Don’t leave if you don’t carry it. I will interrupt your hands and feet. The seven of you are lying here together waiting for the Wu family to pick you up!”

Roger suddenly collapsed and cried: “Mr. Issac…how did we make you unhappy, please give us a good time, don’t torture me and my dad, I’ll kowtow to you!”

With that, Roger, who had broken his leg, knelt on the ground with difficulty and kept kowtow with one hand supporting it.

He is really scared!

What the h*ll is the top luxury Shangri-La, this is simply purgatory on earth!

He just want to escape now, escape back to Suzhou, escape back to own home, then lock himself up and lick the wound alone.

What happened today is really humiliating, and he will not even want to go out to meet people in the next few years!

Issac didn’t buy anything for his kneeling and kowtow, and said coldly: “Well, I have already said, either you two will get them away, or you will become such dead dogs just like them. There are only two roads, choose your own!”

Regnar hurriedly and humblely pleaded: “Mr. Charlie, don’t be angry, we will get them all out, even if it is crawling, we will drag all five of them out!”