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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 735 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 735 Start

Before Regnar had figured out what Issac’s remark meant, Issac’s men had already moved!

His subordinates are also top masters, but if you really talk about strength, no one may be better than Jones Zizhou.

However, Jones Zizhou is now half a dead dog, and it may be okay to deal with ordinary people, but dealing with Premium man is simply a waste.

Therefore, facing Issac’s men, he has no opportunity to refute or resist.

Charlie had already planned his destiny in advance!

Jones Zizhou’s heart was extremely desperate and dead.

He never dreamed that he would end up like this!

If his legs are also abolished, wouldn’t he be completely cold in this life?

At that time, he will be a d*ck with a broken arm and leg, lying on the bed, unable to move, and not even capable of taking care of himself…

At this time, Issac’s men stepped forward to Jones Zizhou and the others, and the first one started with Jones Zizhou.

The man said coldly to some of his men, “Hold his legs for me!”

Several men immediately stepped forward and pressed Jones Zizhou’s legs to the ground.

Immediately afterwards, the man took out a finger tiger made of pure steel from his arms, put it on his hand, and slammed it against Jones Zizhou’s right knee. The whole knee was suddenly broken into slag.

Jones Zizhou suddenly felt a piercing pain, and kept wailing.

But this is only halfway through!

The other party then slammed on the knee of his other leg again, and with a click, the knee cracked.

Afterwards, this person kept abandoning all the legs of these five bodyguards!

There was a wailing in the living room of the presidential suite.

Regnar’s complexion did not change the slightest. These five people, he couldn’t wait to kill them directly, so he didn’t care about their current fate.

He only care, is Issac satisfied?

If not satisfied, what else would he want? !

So he asked Issac: “Mr. Issac, I don’t know the result now, are you still satisfied?”

Issac said coldly: “Of course not satisfied!”

Regnar trembled all over, and hurriedly asked: “Mr. Issac, how can you be satisfied?”

Issac looked at him with a cold expression in his eyes: “It’s very simple, I want you and your son to give a leg!”

“What!?” Regnar looked startled and blurted out: “Mr. Charlie, are you kidding too much?”

Issac squinted his eyes and asked him, “Which one of your eyes saw me joking with you?!”

Regnar stepped back involuntarily in fright, and blurted out in a panic: “Mr. Issac, the person under your hand has had a little conflict because of a little misunderstanding, why should you take this seriously?”

As he said, he lowered his posture and said in a humble tone: “If Wu did not do well in any way, please make it clear that Wu will make all efforts to correct it. You don’t need to continue to hold onto it. It hurts the harmony between our two families, right?”

Issac said coldly: “Only your Wu family is worthy to talk to the Wade family about peace? Are you not a bullsh*t?”

After all, Issac sternly shouted: “If you want to survive, just let me get rid of a leg, otherwise, no one can save you today!”

Regnar trembled in shock!

This Issac is going to be real!

Want his leg now? !

What a joke!

He is the eldest son of the Wu family and the second-generation heir of the Wu family!

In the whole Aurous Hill, he can be said to be under one person and over ten thousand people, and the only person above him is his own self.

The Wu family is strong throughout Aurous Hill, and it is always the Wu family bullying others. When has it been bullied by others? !

This Issac rushed in and beat him up with his son, but for the Wade Family’s face, he could bear it.

However, he actually wants to break the legs of his and his son, how can he accept it? !

If this were to be spread out, wouldn’t the Wu family be discredited? !

Thinking of this, he plucked up courage and shouted sharply: “Issac! Don’t go too far! Do you think you are a member of the Wade family? You are just a subordinate of the Wade family! Who gave you the courage to let you dare Against my Wu family?! Even if my Wu family is not as strong as the Wade family, it is still the first family in the south of the Yangtze River. I don’t believe that the Wade family will let you indulge like this?!”