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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 734 Free Novel

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After speaking, he licked his face and said: “Mr. Charlie, how do you want to solve this matter today? As long as you give a solution, Wu will do everything you can to do the way you said!”

Issac smiled coldly in his heart, and secretly said in his heart that this second-generation heir of the Wu family is quite capable of bending and stretching, and sure enough.

However, today they provoke his own young master, it is really impossible for him to come around!

Had it not been for the command of the young master, Issac would have waited to cut them off immediately!

He snorted coldly and said, “I’m sorry, I don’t accept your apology, nor will the Eastcliff Wade family accept it!”

Regnar held back his anger and asked in a low voice, “Mr. Issac, how do you want to solve it?”

Issac said coldly: “Your five men injured the leg of my men they will pay with legs. I want to abolish all the legs of these five people!”

As soon as these words came out, Regnar immediately said without hesitation: “No problem! Since President Issac has spoken, these five people’s legs will be at your disposal!”

As soon as Jones Zizhou heard this, he suddenly collapsed and shouted: “Regnar! You can’t be like this, right?! The five of us have already had our arms destroyed. If our legs are destroyed, what is the difference with the living dead?”

Regnar scolded coldly: “d*mn, your arms were scrapped because you were inferior to human skills, and your legs are scrapped because you offended President Issac. This is all your fault, you deserve it!”

“You…” Jones Zizhou roared angrily: “Regnar, you are an old tortoise [email protected]! If I knew you had such a face, I Jones Zizhou should screw your head off!”

Regnar was furious and said to Issac: “Mr. Charlie, you see, for this kind of [email protected] thing, you break their legs, it is all kind of grace to them! Such people should be killed directly. !”

Issac smiled playfully and said: “They were damned originally, but I saw the carved calligraphy on their foreheads, and felt that the five of them had to live well to be worthy of the artwork on their foreheads.”

Regnar’s face suddenly became a little ugly.

The foreheads of these five people were all engraved with words that insulted the Wu family. Issac actually said that these words are works of art. Isn’t that an insult to the Wu family?

However, he dared not pretend to force Issac.

So can only laugh with him and say: “Since Mr. Issac, you think they are meant to be alive, please interrupt their legs and let them be useless persons forever!”

Issac nodded playfully, and said to his men, “Come on, first interrupt these five dogs legs for me!”

Regnar breathed a sigh of relief. It seems that Issac can calm down his anger this time.

However, he felt wrong again in an instant!

Issac just said, “First” interrupt the legs of these five dogs? !

Why is it first?

Is there anything behind?