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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 732 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 732 Start

Regnar screamed, and fell to the ground in pain, with panic in his heart.

Roger, who was next to him, subconsciously rebuked angrily: “Hey, why are you hitting my dad?!”

Issac strode to him and hit his nose with a punch. He was covered with blood and yelled: “Your dad has to be respectful in front of me. What are you? Dare to talk to me like this?! Tired of living? Believe it or not, I will kill you now?”

“You’re looking for death!” Roger grew up so old and had never suffered from a hit, so he ate twice today.

First Charlie scrapped one of his own hands, and then Issac smashed his nose with a punch.

He was spoiled and arrogant since he was a child. How could he ever suffer such a crime?

So angrily roared: “Do you think that you are the Wade family’s dog? That’s great? My Wu family is the first family in the south of the Yangtze River. It will kill you every minute!”

As soon as Roger’s voice fell, Regnar rushed over, slapped his face with a slap, and angrily cursed: “[email protected] thing! How do you talk to Mr. Charlie?! Don’t you hurry up to Mr. Charlie. Kneel down and admit your mistakes!”

Regnar was shocked by Roger at this time.

He couldn’t think that his own son was so useless, he couldn’t even tell the situation?

Even if Issac was just the Wade family’s dog, the Wade family standing behind them!

What does the Wade Family exist?

One of the top three families in the country!

In terms of financial resources, the Wu family may not be one-tenth the Wade family.

Because the Wade family is a trillion-level family, but whether it is one trillion or nine trillion, no one can figure out.

After all, a behemoth like the Wade Family can never be seen through by ordinary people!

When it comes to power and status, the Wade Family is far more numerous than the Wu Family!

Therefore, even if Issac kills the two of them now, the Wu family will definitely not dare to bullsh*t!

Even his own father, Mr. Orvel, might not even care about holding a funeral for himself, so he first went to Eastcliff and pleaded guilty to Wade’s family!

Roger even dared to scold Issac at this time. Isn’t this looking for death?

After Roger was slapped with this slap, he realized that he had caused a catastrophe. Apart from anything else, he immediately knelt in front of Issac in fear, kowtow and begged for mercy: “I’m sorry, President Issac! I was impulsive, d*mn it! “

After speaking, he snapped his big mouth back and forth.

Issac went up and kicked him in the chest. After kicking him down, he went up and stepped on his face, and said coldly: “Big boy, I have offended the Wade family. Believe it or not, I made your Wu family extinct?”

Roger’s face was swollen just now, and now Issac stepped on his face. He couldn’t speak clearly, but he could only insist on saying: “Issac, I’m really wrong. You beat me and scolded me. Anyway, please don’t be like me…”

Seeing that his son was beaten like this, Regnar felt distressed and couldn’t help asking: “Mr Issac, Mr. Charlie, I have my heartfelt respect for you. If you are dissatisfied with us, please tell me. , If someone Wu really did something wrong, I am willing to be punished, but you have to make me understand!”

Mr. Charlie sneered, and said, “Your heartfelt respect? You respect me, so let these silly dog ​​bodyguards of your Wu family rush into my Shangri-La lobby. In my Shangri-La lobby, they hurt my Shangri-La people. ? Then if you don’t respect me, will you even call me?”

Regnar was struck by lightning!


His bodyguard actually beat Issac’s men in the lobby of Shangri-La?

Which thing with no eyesight did this? !

Thinking of this, Regnar’s icy eyes fell on Jones Zizhou and the others.

Needless to say, he also knows that it must be one of these five people who caused the catastrophe!