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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 731 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 731 Start

Although Regnar is a billionaire, he is not a generous person.

In other words, in his eyes, the money that should not be spent is not spent any more.

For example, Jones Zizhou and these five wastes.

The bodyguard with his broken hand can’t even open the door of his mother’s car. What are they going to do?

Their wages are ridiculously high, and if they continue to be kept, they can only be charity and provide them with old age benifits.

Therefore, they should be driven away as soon as possible at this time.

The [email protected] you go, the better.

Regnar actually didn’t want to pay 500,000 severance pay.

Therefore, he felt that he was already very generous.

However, Jones Zizhou certainly didn’t think so!

He’s a useless person now!

What is the concept of waste? In this life, it is tantamount to being an armless person!

Armless people, eat, drink, and sleep, why don’t they need someone to take care of?

In the next few decades, there will be more places to spend money!

They were so badly injured because of the Wu family. At this time, the Wu family fell into trouble, wouldn’t it be their life, they have to pay for?

Thinking of this, Jones Zizhou felt resentful.

However, he didn’t dare to do anything to Regnar.

Because the Wu family is too strong, five of the brothers have been scrapped, and dozens of bodyguards may come in a blink of an eye. He is already a useless person. When the time comes, he will face the Wu family. Get killed?

Jones Zizhou really wanted to cry without tears at this time.

Why didn’t he notice that Regnar turned out to be such a [email protected]! The subordinates said that they kicked, and the ministers in the arms completely ignored him. He was simply a beast with no heart and liver!

At this moment, the door of the presidential suite was suddenly opened.

The waiter used the universal room card to open the door of the presidential suite. Then, Issac walked in with dozens of personal bodyguards with a cold face.

Regnar didn’t expect the door to be opened suddenly, but he was shocked when he saw Issac walked in slowly with unspeakable anger and indifference.

Behind him, in addition to following Manager who was beaten by Jones Zizhou before, there were also dozens of strong bodyguards in suits.

Seeing Issac’s sudden appearance, Regnar felt confused, but he didn’t dare to neglect. He hurriedly put away his face full of anger, and smiled: “Issac, why are you here?”

Unexpectedly, Issac said with a cold face and angrily said: “Regnar, you are so brave! Do you know that Shangri-La is an industry under the name of the Wade family?”

Regnar’s expression suddenly stunned, and he couldn’t help but wonder, is this Issac taking the wrong gunpill?

He was still chatting and laughing with him before, so why didn’t he have too much effort in the conference, so he changed into such an inhumane face?

Or even call him a dog? !

However, no matter how unhappy he was, he knew that he could not offend Issac.

Therefore, Regnar hurriedly said respectfully: “Mr. Charlie, of course I know that Shangri-La is the industry of the Wade family. To be honest, my admiration for the Wade family is really like a surging river, and I hope I can rely on you. Get acquainted with the Wade family, and I will serve the Wade family in the future…”

Issac looked at Regnar, raised his hand and slapped him severely, then kicked him to the ground.