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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 73 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 73 Start

As soon as the father-in-law and mother-in-law heard that Charlie would buy them a better one tomorrow, the two immediately laughed.

The father-in-law did not know that what he had missed was a top-notch BMW 760.

Claire was a little worried. After returning to the room and washing up, she quietly asked Charlie, “Do you still have money to buy a car? I still have some private money here, or you can take it and use it for purchase!”

Charlie hurriedly waved his hand: “No, I’m still a little bit more useful.”

Claire apologized and said, “I’m really sorry, I didn’t expect my parents to be like this”

Charlie smiled and said, “What are you talking about? Your father and your mother are also my father and mother. We are all a family, and it is right to honor them.”

With that said, Charlie lay on his small floor and smiled: “Don’t worry, I will buy another one tomorrow morning!”

Claire said moved: “Charlie, thank you!”

Charlie laughed: “What are you polite with me about, wife!”

Claire asked him with a blushing face, “Will you not be cold at night when you sleep on the ground?”

Charlie blurted out: “No, it’s not cold at all, don’t worry, it’s alright!”

Claire suddenly groaned: “If it’s not cold, just fall asleep! Pig-head!”

Finally, she wanted him to sleep in the bed, but this pig head turned out to be so bad

Charlie suddenly realized at this moment that he seemed to have accidentally missed something

So he hurriedly said: “Oh my wife, it’s so cold on the ground, it makes me shiver!”

Claire said angrily: “If it’s cold, add a quilt!”


Charlie was immediately depressed.

After a long while, he did not give up and asked: “My wife, it seems to have cooled down, I’m so cold!”

Claire ignored him, kicked off a quilt, and said angrily: “How cold can it be at night in summer? If it’s still cold, I’ll find you a down jacket to wear!”

Charlie was desperate, and it seemed that his wife would really not let him go to bed tonight!

The next day, Claire prepared to go to work early in the morning.

Charlie made breakfast for her, handed her the key to the BMW car, and said, “Let’s drive to the company today.”

Claire couldn’t help but said, “The car you bought, I drive to work, isn’t it appropriate?”

Charlie said, “What’s wrong with this? You are my wife, and the car was bought for you, not for me.”

Claire nodded lightly and said thankfully, “Thank you!”

After speaking, she took the key of the BMW car from him.

The father-in-law on the side looked envious, and blurted out: “Charlie, you said you will buy me a car, did you forget?”

“I haven’t forgotten it!” Charlie said hurriedly: “Wait for me, I’ll buy it for you. Just wait for the new car to drive back home!”

The father-in-law suddenly smiled and said happily: “Then I’m just waiting! BMW 530, you said it yourself, don’t buy a wrong model!”

Charlie was amused for a while, nodded, and said, “Dad, don’t worry, I will buy the BMW 530 for you today!”

After that, he followed his wife downstairs and pulled his little e-bike from the BMW 760 from the trunk of the BMW 760.

Claire drove this BMW 760 to work, and Charlie himself rode his e-bike to the BMW 4s shop again.

When he was approaching the BMW 4s store, he happened to pass by the door of the Audi store.