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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 729 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 729 Start

At this moment, the lobby manager who was kicked half-dead by Jones Zizhou, with the support of several employees, staggered to the door of Issac’s office.

Knocking on the office door, as soon as the lobby manager entered, Issac saw that he was completely injured, and blurted out, “Manager, what’s the matter?”

Manager said indignantly: “Mr. Charlie, some bodyguards from Regnar Wu’s family dared to break into our hotel and fight me and some security guards in the lobby!”

“What?!” Issac frowned and blurted out: “What’s the matter? Both the Wu family and his son live in our presidential suite, and their bodyguards also live in it. Why did they break into the hotel to fight?”

Manager hurriedly explained: “It’s like this. A few of them seemed to have just had a fight with someone outside. They were covered in blood, their arms were broken, and their foreheads were carved with a knife. , The faces full of blood, it looks like filth, doesn’t our hotel always have a request to not allow guests with disheveled clothes to enter, so I stopped them…”

Issac frowned.

He had also heard of Wu’s bodyguard.

It is said that the strength is very extraordinary.

These five people, in Aurous Hill, even Issac’s own bodyguards may not be their opponents. Therefore, when Issac heard that their arms and foreheads were engraved on them, he was stunned!

He couldn’t figure out, when did Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon start in places like Aurous Hill?

Is there such a master who can abolish all the five bodyguards of the Wu family? What kind of perverted power must this be?

Thinking of this, he said to Manager: “This matter is a bit weird, don’t worry, I’ll call someone to check it.”

Issac had many eyes and ears in Aurous Hill. He quickly picked up his mobile phone, dialed a number, and said in a cold voice: “Check it out now, the bodyguard of Wu’s family from Suzhou, what did they do in Aurous Hill tonight, within five minutes, I want to knwo all results!”

Three minutes later, Issac’s phone rang. Hearing the words on the other end of the phone, Issac was struck by lightning!

It turned out that the bodyguard of the Wu family went to Classic Mansion tonight and wanted to punish Mr. Orvel, but unexpectedly, they were defeated by his young master Charlie!

The five masters of the Wu family were actually defeated by the young master? !

Oh my god, Mr. Wade has such a powerful strength? !

Issac was terrified!

Immediately, a strong anger surged in his heart!

Wu family, so bold!

Mr. Orvel had been with the young master for a long time, and he was considered half of the Wade family. How dare the Wu family come to Aurous Hill to punish Mr. Orvel, and even clashed with his own young master?

They are tired of life, right? !

Moreover, after this group of people went to punish Mr. Orvel and was beaten to death by his young master, they were so arrogant that they beat the lobby manager of Shangri-La? !

What the h*ll is going to offend the Wade Family to death!

Thinking of this, Issac was furious!

He even gave the father and son face back and let them live in the presidential suite in Shangri-La. If the young master knew about it, what if the crime came down?

The angry Issac almost wished to rush to the presidential suite where the Wu family and his son are located, and break the legs of these two dogs!

However, when he thought that the young master was also involved, he didn’t dare to call the shots without authorization, so he immediately called Charlie.

When the phone was connected, Charlie had just stopped the car.

After the Old Master got off the car, Charlie said to him: “Dad, I will pick up the phone and follow you.”

Jacob nodded and said, “You can pick it up, I’ll smoke a cigarette outside and wait for you.”